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sushi rolls...your favorite, who, what, where and why.

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I want to know what your favorite sushi roll is, what is in it and why you crave it. I travel a lot in the east and west coasts and enjoy making my own sushi at home so I would love to hear about your favorite rolls and locations. Pics are also appreciated and welcomed! Thanks in advance

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  1. I know it's wrong. But the dumpling roll at an out of business restuarant. It was a fried gyoza with rice, spicy mayo, cucumbers and avocado. I didn't like fish at the time, and this was my standard order. The same place got me eating the raw stuff in a very short time. But this was my gateway drug to raw fish.

    1. I like fruit in my rolls, I think it's because of the sweetness and juiciness. Scallop and orange w/mayo at Kawasaki in Baltimore. Another roll that I enjoyed was mango and tuna (?)/snapper (?) at a place on the Big Island.

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        I like fruit too, one of my favorite rolls is the mayor roll in Va beach at Nara sushi (green apple, lettuce and tempura shrimp...mmmm) also love rolls w mango and with oysters (godzilla roll, fried oysters and who knows what else! delish!)

      2. spicy tuna is my go to roll. a local place makes a special roll thats something along the lines of spicy tuna, cucumber with eel on top and some other creamy spicy sauce on top - so good!

        1. I LOVE spicy tuna rolls any shape - maki, hand or otherwise. I also LOVE spicy ahi poki or sashimi style. I used to make it at home when I could afford the sushi grade ahi - no more! I think it's the sesame that turns me on. So, I improvise and make spicy shrimp/sesame. Tastes great inside an avocado topped w/diced cucs. :) (I mix w/a little mayo and Lau Yu chili oil -yum!)

          1. Tuna roll at Tomoe Sushi in NYC. Their tuna roll is a little bit different. Tuna is much tastier than other places.

            1. i'm pretty much a purist about sushi, i actually stick with sashimi most of the time, and maybe the occasional spicy tuna hand roll. but there's one roll at a local place in Solana Beach, CA (North County SD) that i LOVE - i had it at least once a week when i lived there. the place is Station Sushi, and it's the "Protein Roll." crab and spicy tuna (no rice), wrapped in soy or rice paper, topped with tuna, salmon, yellowtail, tobiko and scallions. it's served with a ponzu-soy dipping sauce (which i recreated for myself after going gluten free). i *dream* about this roll. it's NOTHING like the rice-free or "low-carb" rolls you'll find at most places, which are just a couple of chunks of ingredients wrapped in cucumber. the center of this roll is *packed* with spicy tuna and shredded crab, so it's similar in bulk and shape to a standard roll with rice. my first stop on my next trip is going to be Station Sushi for my beloved Protein Roll.

              1. Tampa Roll - Tempura Fried "Grouper" with Onion. Some places use mayo too, but I don't.
                Veggie Rolls - Pick a veggie (sorry, avocado is not a veggie, it doesn't count), especially a combo that includes crunchy textures (pickles, et al) and it's on my plate. I'm always up for something new, but I don't eat shellfish so it's hard to find things I can eat.
                My entry rolls were Kentucky Rolls and Ninja Rolls. Kentucky Rolls are fried chicken rolls, and my mom would make them for me with cooked mushrooms and raw snow peas. Ninja rolls were thinly sliced teriyaki glazed steak with a variety of green veggies. I've seen asparagus, snow peas, and scallions.

                1. I'm a big fan of veggie rolls with cucumber, red pepper, avocado and cream cheese. Philadelphia rolls are also good. My favorite, though, has to be the Crunchy Blue at Blue Sushi in Omaha- crab salad and cilantro inside rice, topped with tempura flakes and eel sauce. Best thing is, it's only $4 during their happy hour.

                  I don't eat alot of rolls with raw fish in them. I just find that the flavor and texture gets drowned out by everything else. For raw fish, I just stick to my sashimi and nigiri.