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Jul 6, 2009 04:19 PM

sushi rolls...your favorite, who, what, where and why.

I want to know what your favorite sushi roll is, what is in it and why you crave it. I travel a lot in the east and west coasts and enjoy making my own sushi at home so I would love to hear about your favorite rolls and locations. Pics are also appreciated and welcomed! Thanks in advance

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  1. I know it's wrong. But the dumpling roll at an out of business restuarant. It was a fried gyoza with rice, spicy mayo, cucumbers and avocado. I didn't like fish at the time, and this was my standard order. The same place got me eating the raw stuff in a very short time. But this was my gateway drug to raw fish.

    1. I like fruit in my rolls, I think it's because of the sweetness and juiciness. Scallop and orange w/mayo at Kawasaki in Baltimore. Another roll that I enjoyed was mango and tuna (?)/snapper (?) at a place on the Big Island.

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        I like fruit too, one of my favorite rolls is the mayor roll in Va beach at Nara sushi (green apple, lettuce and tempura shrimp...mmmm) also love rolls w mango and with oysters (godzilla roll, fried oysters and who knows what else! delish!)

      2. spicy tuna is my go to roll. a local place makes a special roll thats something along the lines of spicy tuna, cucumber with eel on top and some other creamy spicy sauce on top - so good!

        1. I LOVE spicy tuna rolls any shape - maki, hand or otherwise. I also LOVE spicy ahi poki or sashimi style. I used to make it at home when I could afford the sushi grade ahi - no more! I think it's the sesame that turns me on. So, I improvise and make spicy shrimp/sesame. Tastes great inside an avocado topped w/diced cucs. :) (I mix w/a little mayo and Lau Yu chili oil -yum!)

          1. Tuna roll at Tomoe Sushi in NYC. Their tuna roll is a little bit different. Tuna is much tastier than other places.