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Jul 6, 2009 04:10 PM

Le Bourlingeur - under my radar

Our Friday Night Dining Group went to Le Bourlingeur in Old Montreal, at the corner of St. Francois-Xavier and St. Paul this past Friday evening. I had never heard of this restaurant, but it has been in that location for over 20 years. It advertises itself as Alsacienne and has a small assortment of Alsace wines, in addition to many others, and, serving what I would describe as an old-fashioned continental menu. Incidentally, the place was full by 7:30 p.m. and there were people lined up until at least 8:30 p.m.

They have a very reasonable table hote - 4 course including a salad or soup, main, dessert and coffee or tea, at prices ranging between $18 - $22. Starter choices included a nice salad, a potato/leek soup or a gaspacho. I had the latter and it was quite good and refreshing, especially in light of the lack of air conditioning (wasn't working properly). I followed it with a blackboard special of tilapia in a ginger sauce which had a julienne of ginger and a sauce on the fish, which made the normally bland talapia quite good. It was served with rice and a very nice ratatouille served in a separate small bowl. Others in the group had the salad to start, which they all enjoyed, and had mains ranging from vegeterian pasta to choucroute with saurkraut, and everyone enjoyed their meals. Dessert was a very tasty light and mousselike lemon cheesecake.

Service, by our waiter, Marc, was superb. We were 16 and he handled everything in a professional and friendly manner in spite of serving at least 4 other tables.

All in all, certainly not "Chowhoundy" but a good choice for a reasonably nice dinner at a great price.

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  1. Le Bourlingeur and Gibby's are the two restaurants all the carriages that tour through Old Port seem to mention on their tours. That's all I knew about it until now :)

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      It's nice to see a restaurant pick up their game, i went about three years ago and ordered my beef rare and what i got was three pieces of shoe leather in a tasteless unidentifiable brown sauce. Not sure i'm brave enough to try again, for the same price, i'd hit Holder or cross the street to Stash instead. Would love to read other reviews so that maybe my mind might be changed, i live two blocks from there!!

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        i think i will give it a try when family comes down, i have always heard that it is good value and a favourite of many living in area as well as some vedettes. Thanks for the report, I think what turned me off as it always looked empty during day but i think it opens late