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Jul 6, 2009 03:51 PM

ISO Springform Pan ideas?

I was just given two adorable mini-springform pans (about five inches in diameter) and since no one in our house eats cheesecake (what can I say, they're crazy...), I am trying to think of things I can make with them.

Any ideas?

What do you make in your springform pan other than cheesecake?
Recipes welcome.

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  1. Pastitsio, strata, other layered casserole type savory entrees. Depending on depth, these would serve one or two people.

    Simple cakes, which could be served that way or cut and stacked as small layer cakes, with any number of fillings, frostings, and decoration. Babycakes are trendy. Another cake option is a Charlotte. And how about ice cream cake?

    1. you can use a Springform for all sorts of cakes, tortes, tarts & pies, particularly anything that's layered, filled, or has a press-in crumb crust. as greygarious suggested, frozen cakes & pies do well. a few that come to mind are chocolate hazelnut torte, linzertorte, molten chocolate cake, streusel-topped coffee cake and upside-down cake.

      1. Great suggestions, all. I like the statement "just about anything layered". While you don't need to use them exclusively for layered food items, they work beautifully for that purpose. Layers of cheese, seafood and herbs mixed with breads or grains; stratas, as previously listed, are nice too - although a five inch strata isn't much more than a single serving in my house, you might get two servings from each.
        Spring form pans require careful handling to prevent them from developing small leaks but they are more fun than a barrel of monkeys for trying new and interesting ways to serve the "same old thing".

        1. I've used mine to bake rolls. Not sure if that is appropriate but I've made plenty of cheesecakes in between and there is no problems. Pict attached.

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          1. quiche, comes out spectacular in a springform pan, it's all I use. I have several sizes and they work for all. With a pate brisee crust, I've never had leaks.
            I also would say any casserole where you would want to show the layers, lasagne or like lasagne dishes. A tortilla casserole with chicken, cheeses and spinach would be great.