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Jul 6, 2009 03:46 PM

Arnotts Tim Tams --- Australian Cookies

Bought some last week at a Sobeys from a Display, price hefty, why I only go into Sobeys once to three times a year, priced $3.19 or $3.29, flavours Chocolate and Chewy Caramel. Pre-teens preferred the Chewy Caramel. Did not check the cookie aisle or store as I was just grabbing a few things quickly. Has anyone seen them, any flavours or plain in other stores, price if possible, would truly appreciate your answers!!!

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  1. My Loblaws (Dundas and Scarlett) has been stocking Tim Tams pretty regularly for the past few months. Chocolate and Caramel. They were around $2.99.

      1. If you (or anyone else) visit the US, the Pepperidge Farms Outlet Stores sell them @ 3/$2.99US.
        Not worth a special trip - but an excellent deal if you're there anyway!

        1. I noticed that 3 varieties were available at the Bruno's on Avenue Road near Wilson when I was there this week. Didn't notice the price.

          1. Concord on the north side Centre at Dufferin has the dark chocolate, light chocolate and caramel. I've paid $2.99 for the last two weeks. I don't know if that was a special price or the regular price. They're quite amazing -- like a little chocolate bar each cookie!