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Irish Pubs for Private Party

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I'm planning a party for about 50 and was wondering if there were any recommnedations for pubs in Manhattan that have nice private rooms that could accomadate that size group for dinner and drinks. Doesn't have to be super upscale but I'm not looking for a dive. Any neighborhood in Manhattan is OK. Thanks. All invited are Irish so pub atmosphere would be ideal.

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  1. There's a private back room at Telephone. But, It may be too small for 50. It's been awhile.

    1. MJ Armstrongs on 1st ave and 20th st could be your spot... they have a private party/downstairs room that'd fit 50, easy.


      1. Swifts on e 4th did a great party for a friends birthday recently. If you know the bar, they gave us the whole back section with a good selection of appetizers.

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          I was there just last week and really wanted to order some pub grub off the menu but had to restrain myself. I've eaten at Central Bar and remember liking the food --- the upstairs space could probably be reserved for your party.

        2. O'Flaherty's on W. 46th Street is a good option. I know it's smack in the middle of restaurant row and midtown, but it's actually a cool spot. I've had a private party there and it worked out great. Lots of good seating option.s Also, they have live music and some good beers. They have a backyard garden if the weather is nice.

          1. We did a great private party at the Perfect Pint on E 45th St. It's very new and they have multiple levels to accomodate private parties. You can even get draughts set up for tables to pour their own.

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            1. Also consider the Black Door at 127 W. 26th St. It's not super Irish but it's a real nice neighborhood bar and has a largish private room at the back.

              1. Eamon's on 45th btwn mad and fifth

                1. Galway Hooker E 36th off 5th ave has a semi-private balcony that should be big enough for your group. (We had 35 there and it was bigger than we needed) Ask for Ana, she was very accomodating to our group there a few months back.

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                    Failte *pronounced Fall-cha. Great place with an upstairs with a fireplace. Not necessaryily very summery, but there is also a big window at front which brings in good light. They have worn out couches, etc for seating. Wouldn't have too many more than 50 there. Its on 30th and 2nd ave.

                  2. try bua on st marks @ a. doesn't beat you over the head with typical disney-esque irisg schwag hanging on the walls. just a solid, small irish owned pub with long wood block tables, exposed brick and good indie rook music. porch outside has a few tables that can also be commandeered. no private room, but very friendly about letting you reserve a few of the long tables. a small selection of well sourced finger foods, and i think they still allow you to bring in your own food for parties... i think.

                    if you want something a little more disney-esque irish, try reserving the balcony at puck fair. larger menu in a spacious atmosphere and warm decor. they have live irish fiddle music on some nights, so ask about it when making the rez.