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Jul 6, 2009 03:31 PM

Paris: No cheese course?

I have been researching restaurants in Paris - generally of the Michelin one or two star variety - and have found that a few do not seem to offer cheese between the main course and dessert. For example, La Table de Joel Robuchon and Le Restaurant (at L'Hotel). Is this true? Are there other fine restaurants in Paris that don't offer cheese? (We like cheese. The lack of a cheese course would be a bummer.)


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  1. they will all have cheese it is just that at some the offering will be far more elaborate than at others.

    1. The trend over the years is that many top tier restaurants in Paris are not offering a cheese carte as part of their tasting menu. In lieu, there is a plated cheese course devised by the chef or the cheese course is dropped altogether. There is usually a cart available if one wishes an additional course.

      1. I had a tasting menu consisting of about five courses at l'Astrance for lunch last April, and there was no cheese at all--not on the table, not on the written menu, not mentioned by the server, not in view in the room.

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          that's correct -- no cheese at l'Astrance. Barely any dairy actually.

        2. There are cheese courses and there are cheese courses. For example at Astier, they give you a tray the size of a card table to have as long as you want, that is the good news, the bad news is the cheeses, IMHO, are tired, boring and totally uninteresting. Le Grand Vefour has only 10-15 cheeses on a small table but they are all in the best of condition. Better one great one, than a bunch of boring ones. l do admit, even with this handle, rarely order cheese in restaurants. With the huge number of great cheese stores in the city, l just buy what looks wonderful and with a fresh piece of bread and some preserves perhaps, have picnics 4 or 5 days a week. Never disappointed, always great, and certainly inexpensive comparably. On the other hand if a restaurant has a cheese tray from Monsieur Antony, especially his 4 year old comte, l order it, and damn the cost. He is one of the best affineurs in the world, and his comte is THE cheese in France for me.

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              I agree with the above poster on the cheese course at Astier and Le Grand Vefour. The cheeses at Astier, included in their prix fixe menu, are very pedestrian and uninteresting; make even worst as the evening progresses as diners hack away at the cheese board. But it really is not a complaint given the modest cost of the meal though the food has never been very special.
              On the other hand, the cheese course, included in the 75E prix fixe lunch, at Le Grand Vefour almost makes up for the lackluster food. There are just a few samples of each types of cheeses, all carefully choosen and in the best condition. Last fall, I had spoonfuls of a beautiful vacherin, a pourly, an aged goat cheese Tarentais, a bleu de Termignon and a 2 year old Comte, plated by a very knowledgeable and patient server.

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                I had the pleasure of tasting the cheeses at Guy Savoy last year. What do you cheese experts think of their selection? I'm curious to know if anyone has had the Guy Savoy 100 Euro internet lunch and added on a cheese course.

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                  Just there and added cheese on the 100 euro lunch. Went well with dessert Coteaux de Layon, small selection, ut excellent shape. Had a cheese called Cabriolet,, a goat vacherin type, from the Arriege and was perfect.