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Jul 6, 2009 03:10 PM

Korean tacos in Costa Mesa

I eat on 19th street in Costa Mesa all of the time. Some of my favorite Mexican joints are on this street. The other day I saw a sign at Taqueria el Granjenal that said Kim's Tacos $1.79. I popped in today to ask what kind they were and sure enough he said they were Korean tacos.

I ordered a pork taco and a steak taco and both were totally delicious. I was surprised that I like the steak one better than the pork, but I would order both of them again.

I have yet to try the notorious Kogi Taco truck, but I was wondering if anyone has been to Taqueria el Granjenal and Kogi? How do they compare??

899 W. 19th Street, Costa Mesa, CA

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  1. Haven't tried the Kogi either, can't stomach the wait. I'll have to check this out since it's so close and no horrid wait.

    1. I haven't had Kogi's, but I've had La Taquiza's version of the short-ribs taco which I hear is similar to Kogi (grilled short-rib chunks with kim chi, avocado and a Korean hot sauce).

      Granjenal's taco is just different. The beef in Kim's taco is "carne asada" style taco meat that is marinated in soy sauce and grilled. They put a wet cabbage slaw on it versus kim chi. No Korean hot sauce or avocado. Interestingly, Granjenal is owned by Koreans, hence "Kim's".

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        Yum! Short ribs. That sounds way better. I bet they cost more than $1.79 each.

      2. Kogi is truly overhyped. Although short ribs in a taco seem to be a great idea because of the type of meat and the marination used, you can barely taste the effects of the marination in Kogi tacos. Without the marination, the idea dies and thus the food doesn't live up to what it could be. I didn't have to wait for my tacos too long (15 minutes) so I'm not disgruntled because I had to wait in line for a generation.

        If you've never had true korean bbq, then maybe you'll enjoy kogi tacos. If you're familiar with korean bbq or can make korean bbq yourself, you'll be thoroughly disappointed.

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          You hit the nail right on the head! Totally agree w/ your comments above and below...

        2. Oh and as for the comparison to other tacos, a great traditional taco stand will kill kogi hands down as well.