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Jul 6, 2009 03:02 PM

Your Range Recommendations?

I would like a new stove and I don't have a lot of money to spend.

I am looking for a 30" glass top with a storage drawer.

I went to Consumer Reports I saw a model that was being sold in the Sears appliance store right next ot my office. I checked out actual customer reviews of that stove and saw that everyone hated it. I'm beginning to think I shouldn't trust Consumer Reports.

There is a GE model they also recommend and sell at Lowes and I'm considering it, but I haven't seen much in terms of customer reviews on it.

I really can't spend more than $1000. I have a very small kitchen (we're talking 8' x 8'). I don't need anything for a professional chef. I just want something durable, that won't set off my smoke alarm when I cook at high temps and can produce nightly meals for two and the occasional dinner party for 8.

Anyone out there have a stove they love that isn't a high-end model?

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  1. I applaud your decision to get a glass-top. Not only is it easy to keep clean, but if you have a tiny kitchen it provides a nice big piece of extra work surface when you're not cooking; I just now made a bunch of sandwiches on mine. I have a GE Profile and like it fine. One caveat: when you take a hot steamy-wet lid from a pot, set it down on the edge of the cooktop so air can get under it, otherwise it can form a strong suction. I did that and the suction caused a two-foot diagonal crack across the ceramic top---I had to replace the whole top. Also, keep a single-edged razor blade handy for scraping up burned spills.