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Jul 6, 2009 02:58 PM

New and Fabulous in Berkeley/Oakland?

We go out to eat every Monday night with our kids, and are sick of most of our usual haunts. We're regulars at Pizzaiolo (never could get sick of them), and the kids love Great China, Cactus, Amanda's. We eat at Soi Four, at Oliveto's. We need somewhere new, fun and not too expensive. Our standards are pretty high...some of us would rather eat snakes than at Pasta Pomodoro. Any new places to suggest? We've got 3 hours until dinner time.

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  1. You are i n luck. Today is Digs Bistro monthly kid's night

    Or you might give Zaki Kabob House a try ... fabulous rotissarie chicken.

    I'd go with Digs as you can stop by Zaki any time.

    1. Have you been to Dopo and Corso? For Italian, I think they're right up there with Pizzaiolo and Oliveto. Dopo's the cheapest of the four.

      1. Bar Lata? Burma Superstar? Both right down the street from Pizzaiolo. Dopo's not new, but it's great. Ditto Sea Salt.

        1. I've been enjoying Bar Lata a lot recently. It's a bit cheaper than Pizzaiolo though perhaps not as good, certainly different.

          Significant threads on this board.

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            Barlata's sort of like Cesar, but cheaper and to me it feels like more of a neighborhood hangout.

          2. Marzano or Bellanico on Park street in Oakland (in the Glenview shopping area) are quite nice. The kids would probably like Marzano better as it is mostly pizza and pasta.