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Strawberry Picking Toronto

Does anyone know which farms are good for picking your own strawberries close to Toronto? I have found various sites with lists of farms, but hoped I could get a recommendation from the board...

Somewhere scenic and nice preferably!

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  1. Whittamore's Farm is quite nice. North side of Steeles Ave, about 6 k's from Markham Rd. I've never actually picked strawberries from there, unless you consider I "pick" the strawberries from the table tops in quarts packets. They have great vegetables, other fruits, jams, pies etc. They also sell wine there

    1. I picked at Whittamore's about a week ago. The berries were plentiful, but not as sweet as some years. If you've got kids it's a fun place to take them, they have a little petting zoo area and a playground, but they charge admission for these areas.

      1. I went this weekend.. most of the strawberries were on the ground and too small or rotting... Yesterday was the last day of strawberry picking season.. I wouldn't suggest you go anymore... Unless you have real good patience which some people DID have and I did see some people leaving with baskets filled. However, when you first arrive you won't really be impresed with what you see... I went last year to Whittamore's and they were plentiful and though small but nice and red.. now is just too late

        1. I was going to go to Applewood farm tomorrow. I have been there for apples and it was great! Has anyone been there for strawberries before? Preferably this year?

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            Just came back from Applewood. It was amazing. I really liked it for the same reasons I like it for apple picking in the fall. It is far less crowded and I find the fruit of much better quality vs. the bigger pick your own operations like Whittamores and Chudleighs. Very friendly, personable, and helpful. THe only drawback (and this is only if you are looking to pick other things) is that it is only strawberries right now. In the fall, raspberries and apples overlap, though.

            Highly recommended!

          2. Check this list:


            Wet weather/lack of heat have been the big problems for strawberries so far this season. They'll get here, though, weather permitting, so be patient.

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              I used to go to a place called Forsythes Farm, but I cant remember where it was. They had great berries tho!

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                I got a flat from Forsythe Farms last Friday...it's on Kennedy Rd. north of Major Mackenzie on the east side...really nice farmer's market...love their corn later in the season.

            2. Anyone familiar with the FERRI farms, in Huttonville? any good? Apples & Strawberries orchards.

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                Yes I have been there. Pretty good. But that was last year. Haven't been yet.

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                  Ferri's is fine provided the weather cooperates. Their storage apples are probably long gone. Call 'em for a strawberry report. There's also a little market near the corner of Heritage and Embelton Rds. that might have local strawberries, too.

                2. We just got back from Whittamore's and the strawberries were big and plentiful. As mentioned in another thread the flavour of them this year is a little muted compared to other years, but I'm sure that's the case everywhere in the GTA this year. They were $1.90/lb and it took us no time at all to pick about 15 lbs.
                  We also picked some green peas (they also had sugar snaps and snow peas) for $1.90/lb and some new potatoes for $1/lb.

                  1. I've read all about the California herbicide intensive strawberry cultivation. Are there any Ontario pick-your-own farms that are more 'organic' or 'natural'. I see tv news showing kids eating freshly picked strawberries in the field. Is this ok? Should we be washing all picked fruit before eating?

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                      I was at Organics Family farm last weekend for PYO strawberries. They're certifed organic. They're a small farm but I prefer them to Whittamores.

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                        magpiebakes, how were the strawberries at Organics Farm? I am thinking of going next weekend. Were they sweet/flavorful? The weather has not helped so far and I don't want to drive there for nothing.

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                              I went yesterday (Sunday). There's still enough to fill a few baskets but most of the larger berries had either been picked or had rotted. It was still worth the trip! The smaller berries were very sweet and tasty, and you can get more into a basket.

                              I did try calling but the phone line went to a message answering service that was full. So I took a chance and just went.

                              I think next weekend will be too late. Owner told me the berries were about 2 weeks early this year.

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                                Hi BlueBike...yes, the berries we picked were sweet. They have two varieties though, we were told one is more tart. Last weekend was the first weekend so we chose to pick the sweeter variety. There was still lots of unripe berries last weekend but I would call first before going next week.
                                I was at The Stop's Green Barn Farmers market on Saturday, many vendors had organic strawberries there. Picked up a quart for my friend who said they were very sweet. That's another option if you don't want to drive out to PYO.