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Jul 6, 2009 02:22 PM

Denver finds

We'll be staying at the Denver Hyatt Tech Center (near I-25 and I-225) this weekend and I'm looking for recommendations for good food. We love Thai, Indian..anything, really...good pizza...We don't know Denver well, so would prefer to stay close in the area of the hotel. Also, we have three kids to consider, though they are well behaved and used to restaurants. Anyone have any good tips? Thanks!

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  1. I wish I had some real don't-miss suggestions for you, but I'm really not too familiar with the Tech Center area. A sterile new development called the Village at Landmark, or Landmark Village, or the Shops at Landmark Village, or something like that is not far away. It's west of I-25 and near Quebec and Belleview.

    I've only been to one place there, Jing's, a high-style, high-priced Chinese restaurant that attracts the hip, the hot, and over-the-hill (but facelifted) crowd. The food was OK. The decor was a knock in the eyeballs. And kids would enjoy the "trick" restrooms. Other eateries there include Ted's Montana Grill (a chain), Sparrow and Lime (both new south-Denver branches of center-city restaurants.

    Keep in mind that Denver isn't all that big or all that intimidating, and if you're willing to exit the Tech Center orbit, you'll find lots of rea good places. I hope someone more familiar w/ that part of the metro area can really help.

    1. India's at Tamarac and Hampden is good Indian. I like Lime in the Shops at Landmark. There is a new pizza place in those shops but I've not been.

      1. Masala, a vegetarian Indian restaurant near Parker Road and I-225 is very good. http://www.masalaausa.com/