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Jul 6, 2009 02:14 PM


Looking for a fun restaurant while in Chicago next month. Anyone been there recently and is it worth a cab ride from Michigan Ave?

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  1. carnivale is definitely worth a visit. i went there two weeks ago for dinner and on 4 of july for drinks. the dining room is lively and exciting (a more grandiose version of marche) and has the food and drinks to match.

    the crunchy guacamole and empanada were great appetizers. i also recommend the nicaraguan steak (i forget the spanish name), as it was the most tender piece of steak i've had in the city (surprisingly more so than david burk's aged beef and saloon/yoshi's wagyu). when we went, there was a dessert special called "guava cheesecake with wild strawberries." do get it if it's still on - simply delightful.

    the drinks were also good. the first time we tried their cocktails on special - both were good. the second time i tried their raspberry mojito, and my girlfriend tried the mango daiquiri - very good!

    i recommend this joint with great enthusiasm!