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Jul 6, 2009 01:29 PM

The Renovated Petrossian: More than Just Caviar

Petrossian is famous for its caviar, but its West Hollywood outpost has had a cafe attached to it for many years. This has recently been renovated to a spacious modern space.

Besides the a la carte menu, they also offer a 3-course champagne brunch for $35. I opted for this and got a glass of Louis Roederer Brut Rose.

The first course was a choice of soup selection and I opted for the White Asparagus Veloute.
The veloute was smooth and creamy while maintaining the foaminess of veloute. It was outstanding, with a nice little onion kick. Highly recommended.

For the main course, I went with the Paris Croque Madame (Ham, gruyere on brioche with Bechamel sauce, sunny side up eggs)
Croque madame is the perfect breakfast for me. Eggs, cheese, ham, toast ... Not to mention Brioche toast here. Perfect. Runny sunny side up, nicely toasted brioche, lots of gruyere. Even a bit of salad to cut all that richness so you can go for another bite, since the first bite was immensely satisfying.

Classic Panna Cotta, white peach espuma, with an extra addition of caviar ($6 extra)
Beautiful layering here: panna cotta, white peaches, topped with the espuma.
The second time I had panna cotta with caviar in a week. That bit of saltiness does give it a nice touch, but it isn't the point here.

The panna cotta was very dense and rich, more so than the usual. The white peaches were sweet and crisp, and everything was complimented by the light peach foam on top. An excellent and very memorable dessert, I would recommend this to anyone and would definitely get it on future visits.

My first visit to Petrossian was such a pleasant surprise. The newly renovated space had a clean and spacious look, and the food was excellent. I hope they'll keep up the performance.


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  1. Thanks.I've been meaning to go to this place for years.I used to live nearby and would do one of those, "got to check this out", and then....I would forget. Looks great and again, thanks for sharpening my curiosity.

    1. how was the service? i walked in and no one seemed understand the menu or know what was going i drove to LANGER'S. this was a month ago.

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      1. re: revets2

        My server was very pleasant and attentive, got my friend's restriction correct (no onion), etc.
        We didn't ask many questions except regarding the soups, which he answered knowledgeably but I don't know how far his knowledge extends and if it would meet your needs.

        Maybe they were all new to the scene a month ago? Again, not sure, as I didn't ask many questions and already knew what I wanted.

        1. re: burumun

          wait hasn't it been open for the past few years. or are there new menu items at the joint on robertson? panna cotta with caviar sounds awesome how much does it run and is there an online menu of sorts. and is it very pretentious? would a single dinner feel aright there??? thanks.

          1. re: kevin

            it's a pretty casual setting. nice light in the afternoon. a single diner would be comfortable at the counter or at a table.

            1. re: kevin

              It has been open for years but was recently expanded and renovated. They also hired the sous chef of L'atelier de joel robuchon in Vegas.

              foodgps has uploaded a menu online :

              and as revets2 noted, it's pretty casual and single diner would feel comfortable. They also have a communal table that you might go for.

        2. I had absolutely no idea Petrossian had a branch in Los Angeles.

          I'm glad you had a good experience. I went to Petrossian on 57th Street for the first time in twenty years last summer and was horrified, so I'm glad the name is being carried well on this coast.

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          1. re: Das Ubergeek

            I'm confused...if you were horrified by Petrossian in NY, why are you glad that it's here also? What was so bad about it in NY? I've never been, but am now thinking about going to the one in L.A.

            1. re: josephnl

              I'm glad that the branch in LA seems to be better (by the OP, anyway) than its parent in midtown Manhattan. When I went for a bagel brunch (mit caviar, of course) the bagels were stale, the novy was warm and oily (ew!), the lox was not very salty, the coffee portions were shockingly small for the price, the service was well beyond New York aloof -- glacially slow and you could be writhing in the aisle with a heart attack and still they would be standing far away ignoring you loudly.

              The caviar, however, was amazing.

              It was Restaurant Week, too. Who wants to eat in a place where this is the best foot forward? Feh.

          2. I am the sous chef at Petrossian West Hollywood, so please feel free to direct any questions my way.

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            1. re: LAChicagochef

              What's the current status of caviar imports to the USA?
              Which ones of the allowed varieties do you carry at the PWH?

              1. re: LAChicagochef

                do yoy happen to have an online menu?

                1. re: kevin

                  Are they Caspian Sea sturgeons? Is there anywhere one can get the less or no-salted caviar like it's served in Russua?