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Jul 6, 2009 01:13 PM

Tex-Mex gift basket - need some suggestions!

I am packing a gift basket for a friend of ingredients to make a killer tex-mex meal in another state that has no clue. What suggestions do you have for things I should include? Thanks!!!

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  1. ae you maiking it, or bringing it as a carry-on? Mailing can be way expensive, so there's a difference.

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      Tx for the reply! I am mailing it, but my pal has provided the postage. This is an "official" challenge, and I'd like it to be fun, but including things she can't get in Fla. I've got a 12x12x6 prepaid priority box to fill.

      1. re: PatBastrop

        i'd say Miles of Chocolate, but it has to be refrigerated. so maybe Mary Louise Butters brownies? love em! or chimichurri from Taco Xpress?

        Refrig problem will be an issue w/ a lot of these as well, but for what it's worht...

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          oh shit, i missed the point. TEXMEX, not local austin. sorry!

    2. Maybe some of the spice blends from Sgt. Peppers? He sells at the Sunset Valley market, and my family in Chicago loves it.

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        I'd say, for filler, walk up and down the aisles at Fiesta.....

      2. Well let's see.First go to H.E.B. and go to where they have the mexican foods.
        You can buy them in the spice section some Bolner's Faijata seasoning mix,which also comes in a No MSG and Salt version,still good.
        Some cans of Hatch red and green enchilada sauce, or La Victoria brand.
        You can also buy cans of H.E.B.brand Carne Guisada sauce,etc. Some canned green chiles and chipolte chilis in the can. Also refried beans,my sister likes Rosarita best.You can put in say a can of whole pinto beans and a can of refried. I've seen there I think La Sierra Borracho beans.
        Maybe get them a small bag of tortilla mix.Can they buy tortillas where they are? If not, add in the mix. Maybe a few mexican candies. You can also add a can of mangos and some mexican cookies,like Bimbo Brand, they have small packs of mexican desserts, or a package of flan mix.Either would work for their dessert. after the meal.
        I would also include a few easy recipes to get them started.
        For example, they could have beef faijitas, with mexican rice,and say pinto beans or squash and corn,and for dessert flan.

        1. Well, in addition to all the other suggestions, if your friend truly has "no clue" then you should probably include a few detailed recipes or maybe a cookbook.

          1. Thanks for the help, y'all. I am off today to do the deed.

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              oh, Forgot to mention, Central Market has about 8 or 10 various "chile pepper" concoctions that you might want to consider. Look in bulk spices - it's actually the least expensive place to buy spices). They could make chili gravy and put it on enchiladas (I like poblanos and cheese). Chili on enchiladas is uniquely tex-mex, although it usually involves cheese enchiladas.