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Jul 6, 2009 01:01 PM

Lobster Roll in Delray

A few months ago I read that a restaurant would be opening sometime in June on Atlantic Ave. in Delray and would be featuring New England style lobster rolls. Has this come about, and if so, the name of the place and comments from anyone who may have been there.

Thanks in advance for any information.

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  1. Walked by this past Saturday. Still an empty storefront with a "coming soon" sign

    1. CuCu,

      That would be Linda Bean's "Perfect Maine Lobster Roll". It's taking a long time, but work IS progressing. I've seen workers inside the store, building what looks to be a counter, in the past week or so. So I'm reasonably confident this WILL happen. Unlike, say, the old "Shore" on A1A and Atlantic which has been in a state of demolition for about a year now.

      More details in this earlier post:

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        Thanks to both of you for your replies --- now I won't make an unnecessary ride up from Fort Lauderdale.

        1. re: cucuzza

          Cucuzza...try it, but if you want to save some gas and have the best lobster role right in Ft. Lauderdale, head over to Coconuts and enjoy theirs. Almost all lobster, big chunkc and not shredded, served on a butter soft roll. And right on the marina. THE BEST!

        2. re: CFByrne

          A little birdy tells me this is opening any moment now. Possibly even already, yesterday. I am out of town so cannot verify.

          1. re: SaminSFL

            It has not opened yet. After a lot of heavy-duty constuction (concrete, iron beams, etc) they are now working on the final details (nice New England style beadboard cabinets, paint, etc).

            This is definitely NOT one of those stalled "someone ran out of money" projects.

            If I had to guess, and disclaimer, I am merely an amatuer observer, I would say they could be open on October 1.

            1. re: CFByrne

              Coincidentally... the NY Times has a large article on Linda Bean and her Lobster plans today.


              The lead:

              "EYEING a vivid heap of buoys on her wharf here, Linda L. Bean hatched another idea for her burgeoning lobster empire. The buoys would be ideal decorations for Ms. Bean’s next lobster-roll stand, in Delray Beach, Fla..."

              Or maybe not a coincidence. Perhaps the author is a CH follower!

              (Her bio indicates she's based in Boston but from Miami),

          2. I'm going to be in Delray today, I'll stop by and take a look and report back for everyone.

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            1. re: BAFU

              I just got back from Linda Bean's "Perfect Maine Lobster Roll". Let me start off by saying, the lobster was cooked perfectly, there was just the right amount of dill mayo dressing, and the potato roll was hot and toasted perfectly.. The price I could do with out 15.50 of a 1/4 lb lobster roll that was mostly claw meat, is not something I am going to be eating too often. There is a 1/4 lb claw meat meal for 9.50 that looks tempting, as did the clams.

              Everything was fresh, it is their second day open, didnt seem to busy. The market price today for the lobsters were 15.99 lb.

              Bottom line, Ill be back to try other things on the menu.

              1. re: SaminSFL

                I just back from lunch there about 2 hours ago My 2 cents: yes the lobster was cooked perfectly. Yes, the decor/ambiance is nice (although I never judge any place solely based on who decorated the interior). Yes the staff are eager to help and offer suggestions. Yes, they do have beer on tap/wine/soft drinks (and real ginger beer, a big + for me). And yes, they are newly open a/o yesterday, according to the counterman.

                But (and here begins the whine/bitch/moan/complain section): my roll was just warm (not toasted), I asked for a white roll and got wheat instead. The mayo was way too tart and after I ate the sandwich, I felt ripped off. $16 for a hot dog roll with some lobster claw chunks (as Sam noted above), some way-too-vinegary potato chips and a few sad slices of bread & butter pickles? Throw in a ginger beer and I escaped out onto Atlantic Ave. almost $20 poorer. My God. I've had cheaper (and better) lobster rolls in Maine, NYC and the Hamptons (not that the Hamptons are by any means a barometer of lobster rolls- I had the best 1 ever in some place in Southampton years ago...yummm).

                The rest of the menu seems decent enough- salads, panini, assorted entrees- but they better wake up and start making sure their signature "named" dish lives up to the billing. Dill mayo? Blech. Come on guys, you can do better. Chalk this one up to lunchtime blahs and 1st week jitters. The manager was right next to me interviewing waitresses. Sounds like he was having a thrilling day.

                Oh yeah. Put in some ceiling fans. That is all.

                1. re: SaminSFL

                  I think that's a pretty good lobster price, since I once paid $22.95 for a tiny chicken lobstah at Shell's (now gone) in Ocala. (*Sniff*) I miss New England food...

              2. I walked in today around 5 p.m. since I work down the street from it, and I had full intentions on ordering to go. It was dead in there as I read the menu posted above the order counter.

                Two women stood and just stared at me from behind the counter. I said hi and got no response. I decided not to order as I didn't think the sandwich would be good after my commute home. I walked up to the counter and asked for a take-home menu.

                The girl just looked at me and wordlessly pointed to a stack of menus.

                What I find funny is that they are advertising on Craigslist for experienced servers -- five years or more, if I remember the post. Wow, no one could even say hello or "here ya go" to me.

                I'll probably go back, just to try it, but based on that frosty reception, I'd rather go hungry.

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                1. re: goddessdawn

                  I have lived in Florida for almost 20 years and find that if a restaurant hires super young people, that's what you get: blank stares. ARRGGGHH! But, if they hire "experienced" as in "older" servers, hooray!

                  1. re: goddessdawn

                    Funny thing is all the people being interviewed while I was there were all young, pretty and had NO experience. Of the 4 people he spoke to while I was eating my roll, only 1 had more than a year's worth of work in a restaurant. And she wanted twice what he was offering.

                    Oh well. Let's face it: doesn't take that much skill to make a lobster roll. Call me a pessimist but I don't think this place is going to make it through to March. I'd like to be proven wrong but....

                    1. re: BAFU

                      I had the same response from what I believe is the either the manager or the owner, so I wouldn't hold my breath.