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Jul 6, 2009 01:00 PM

Any Persian Restaurants in Palm Beach or Broward Counties?

Does anyone know of any Persian restaurants around the Palm Beach or Broward Counties? I have been here for three years now and have yet to see one?

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  1. There's Kuluck in Tamarac and Torange in the Gables if you want to trek down to Miami.

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      Went to Kuluck's on Saturday night. Very good food but i'm no Persian Food Connoisseur.

      More importantly, the owner gave a speach in Farsi, after which our waitress explained to us that they were having a fundraiser. If it failed, the restaurant was closing in another week or so.

      1. re: Raboi

        Thanks to your tip, Raboi, I found out a bit more about Kuluck's status:

    2. I have been to kuluck and all but one person in the party realy liked it plus if you go to you can get a 40.00 certificate for 16.00 right now

      1. Caspian Persian Grill, 7821 W. Sunrise Blvd. 954-236-9955

        1. I tried this place on Saturday for lunch. Overall, it was quite good with tasty food and good service. There were three of us (all from S. California, a haven for many Iranians) so we tried a few dishes. The barley soup and starter salads (which come with each entree) were authentic and tasty.

          The eggplant appetizer was not up to snuff though. It was blended, had too much garlic, and lacked the delicate balance of Iranian food. The boneless chicken kabob was delicious and perfectly grilled with a great balance of subtle spices (Iranian food is never spicy, so if you are expecting Indian-like flavors, go elsewhere).

          The best chicken plate there is in the cornish hen entree (it is a small chicken that is chopped and put on a kabob skewer). It has a freshness and flavor and texture that is like restaurants in Tehran, Los Angeles, or Orange County. They lack ground chicken meat, so if you was chicken kabob, it will be chunks of chicken, not ground chicken. I usually like to get a strip of chicken strips and a skewer of ground chicken, but the tastes here are the best Iranian I have had on the East coast.

          The had Ghorme Sabzi (a stew with many greens and a few red beans) and beef. Although I don't normally eat red meat, I ordered this and just eat around the beef parts. The tastes were good and reminded me of a well made homemade meal. This meal is a comfort food for us (like mac and cheese or meatloaf for many Americans), so it hit the spot.

          I really wish this place would offer more Organic or vegetarian meals, but it is a place that I plan to visit ever few weeks (a least once a month). It is reasonably priced, has good service, and the food is great!