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Jul 6, 2009 12:37 PM

In a slump...need a spot...

We are going out with another couple this Saturday and I am trying to figure out where we can go in the Portchester/Greenwich area. I feel like we keep going to same few places, and when my friend said, " what's new or interesting in the area?", I was sort of at a loss.

Any thoughts for 2 couples to have a fun and delicious dinner out???? Good food, but semi-casual ( not too dressy. it's too hot!)

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  1. Not sure what places you frequent, but we recently had a good dinner with a few couples at Nessa. I loved the spinach gnocchi.

    1. I second Nessa. You could also try Tarry Lodge, F.I.S.H., or Le Provencal in Mamaroneck. And it's a bit out of the area, but Mima in Irvington is excellent.

        1. Q is a fun place for a double date, and easy to split the check since you order and pay at the counter and then they bring you the food. The bbq is good, and the selection of beers is as well. You can start the night at the bar if you like, before getting a table. Chavin, one of the many Peruvian places, has great roast chicken (Pollo la Brisa) and is in the old bank building at Westchester Ave and King St.

          If you'd be interested in a very casual but fun evening, we love to go to the Ebb Tide - a seafood shack right on the Byram River, just down the block from the Willet House steak restaurant. Traditional "clam shack" fare, seafood dishes, and steamed lobsters are available. You order inside and then take a table out on the deck (or inside if its raining) and they deliver to you. Very good quality seafood, and its nice to eat out on the deck overlooking the river. Then, for dessert, walk around the corner on to King Street to Peleteria Fernandez for home made Mexican ice cream and popsicles in a myriad of flavors, all made from fresh fruits and natural ingredients.

          1. For good not overpriced Italian try La Bocca in White Plains.