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Salad Dressings

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This may have been covered, but where do you dine out in the LA area and its suburbs and say, "They have the best dressings for their salads"? I remember dining out as a child with my parents and grandparents and salad dressings seeming so exotic, although few for the offering: strong roqueforts, lovely thousand islands, marvelous russians, an egg-mayonnaise. Today, all I seem to find are watered-down ranches (in the Hidden Valley style) or the played-out rasberry vinaigrettes. Thanks. Sass

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  1. Musso & Frank's has an eclectic selection of dressings, all ala carte. I don't eat salads there so I can't comment on quality but I'm sure others can.

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      Their roquefort in vinaigrette is excellent

    2. I still have a fondness for Lawry's Sherry dressing. They used to sell it in the supermarket, but now it's only available at the restaurant.

      1. For restaurants that have great dressing that you can buy in the store, I'm not able to give you any offereings but:

        For a restaurant that has a great dressing that you can buy at their restaurant only: Franks' Famous in Glendale/Montrose has a Maple Balsamic dressings that's great. Bahooka Restaurant has a great gingery dressing at their restaurant tha you can buy there too.

        Best store bought dressing....believe it or not there's a brand called Litehouse that you can get at HOWs and and some of the nicer Ralph's. They offer the Honey Mustard, Thousand Isle, and Roquefort that's very much like homestyle old school.

          1. I'm still trying to find the superb Green Goddess dressing that Tracton's was noted for (besides their steaks)

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              They serve Green Goddess at The Buggy Whip, have not had it but FYI.

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                Tracton's moved to Solano Beach.

              2. Farmshop in Brentwood makes a great Green Goddess.They serve it on the side with their poached chicken salad. A win! win!

                1. Don't filet me for this...but I love the asian dressing at CoCos. I believe they sell it by the bottle as well. Make your own salad.

                  Very good peppery spice.

                  I'll show myself out.

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                    It's been a couple years, but I used to meet friends at a Cocos and the only thing I liked was their Thai Chicken Salad. I'm sure it was made with the same dressing you are talking about. It had a delicious kick.

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                      i used to like their cinnamon french toast too.

                  2. Arroyo Chophouse in Pasadena makes a great thousand island and a unique ranch dressing. I get the stuff on the side and dip my bread in it.

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                      arroyo chophouse is participating in the restaurant week promotion at the end of the month.

                    2. The dressing at Andres Trattoria on Third Street!

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                        I love the Italian dressing at Pizza World on Fairax near Third. I'm not one to eat a lot of salad dressing, but that one is GOOD! :) I'm weird. so sue me.

                      2. Domenick's Pizza House is an Italian restaurant in Carson. They have an amazing "garlicky" dressing, which is there house dressing. I live on the westside, and would go for the dressing alone!

                        1. I love the Poppy dressing from Polka. I also love Marston's dressing. You can buy both at their restaurants. Also, Papa Cristo's has a really good Greek dressing that they bottle themselves. The house dressing at Tarantino's is tart and delicious, too.

                          1. I believe The Galley in Santa Monica, is worthy of this thread.


                            And if I remember correctly, the recipe is written down on the bathroom walls.

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                              AND if i remember correctly, the legend is that the current owner of the Galley bought the restaurant, in part, because he was a customer of theirs and he loved their salad dressing and they wouldn't divulge the recipe to a patron.

                            2. The salad dressing at Takao in Brentwood is delicious. It is a Miso based dressing. I frequently go there for the lunch special which includes miso soup, that lovely green salad and a sushi , tempura or bento box. Great deal and great food.

                              1. Rosewood Tavern has a wonderful Little Gem salad with burrata and an AMAZING ginger/lemon dressing. Musso and Franks has an old-school variety, including a cold avocado dish with a thick Thousand Island or Russion dressing on it, can't remember which one, but it's great. And then there is the ginger dressing at Benihana, which is one of my favorites, and you can buy for take-home as well...