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Jul 6, 2009 12:17 PM

Baltimore glatt catering

Hi Chowhounders, We need a glatt kosher caterer to provide some meals for a simcha. Star-K certification would be preferred and it's been requested that the catering have an orthodox certification.

One company has been recommended: Simchas and Brachas Catering.

Any thoughts on this or other companies, particularly for a small order to accompany a kosher-style simcha?

Also, is serving food from two caterers usually pretty seamless? (There is no trayf to worry about, that's for sure.)
Thank you!

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  1. I'm confused what you mean by "kosher-style" in one paragraph and then "no trayf" in the next. I'm going to assume what you are looking for is a limited number glatt kosher certified meals to provide to some guests at an event catered by another caterer without hashgacha. If that's incorrect, I apologize and please clarify what you're looking for.

    In general two caters won't both cater a meal. Especially in a case where one is kosher certified and the other isn't. What you probably need to find is a caterer/restaurant who will deliver a few meals double wrapped with their seal on the meals. Then the caterer for the event will reheat the meals in their kitchen and provide it still sealed to the appropriate guests. You may still have to pay the main caterer something for these guests since their staff is doing the reheating/serving.

    I don't know Baltimore establishments to suggest anyone, but I would imagine most caterers and restaurants should be able to provide prepared double wrapped meals. Asking them to double cater the event will most likely be a non-starter. Just make sure to coordinate with the primary caterer about heating/serving the supplied food.

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      You understand correctly - we need foil-wrapped meals for a small group. However, the meals will need to be served in their double-wrapped foil, so doesn't caterer #2 usually send a server to serve them? I wouldn't think a glatt caterer would trust a kosher-style caterer to heat the food and then serve it - the foil needs to be left on there until it reaches the tables, right?

      1. re: JacqElise

        I presume that you are having an event where there will be non kosher catering and you want meals for your guests who keep kosher. Caterer No. 1 should handle that and I would go by their recommendation. The kosher caterer can provide double-wrapped meals with a seal so that the guests who keep kosher will know that they are kosher, and the meals can then be heated in a non-kosher oven and eaten with plasticware. One of the better caterers in Baltimore is Hoffman and Company -- you can call there and see if they can help with your request.

        1. re: JacqElise

          If it's double wrapped then it can be heated in any oven. Since the kosher seal is on the outside of the packaging and the kosher guests get the wrapped container they know it's kosher and hasn't been tampered with.

      2. I have had food from here: O'Fishel's Kosher Caterers (410) 764-3474 and I foudn it to be really good. I would use them again for any occasion I would have in that area. I am pretty sure they are glatt and Star K.

        1. The Knish Shop, 410-484-5850, does catering and is under the Star-K