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Jul 6, 2009 11:26 AM

little owl brunch - disappointing

ate brunch at little owl yesterday and have to say it was very disappointing. no wait (probably because of the july 4th weekend) and we had a nice table. milk in saucer on the table had black bits floating around in it. meals were not good: wife's big eye tuna with avocado puree in bibb lettuce cups was a joke. 4 teeny slivers of raw big eye tuna for $12. this was not a meal, more an appetizer. my cured salmon with eggs was ok, except for the 3 giant bones I found while eating. it's not every day you find bones in your eggs. the side of home fries with asparagus (sides are a la carte and completely necessary given the diminutive portions) was borderline inedible due to ridiculous amount of salt.

now some may say that this was because it was a holiday weekend. well you know what, the restaurant was open, serving, and charging full fare. if you're not up for serving good food, close up shop for the weekend.

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  1. We ate there several weeks ago and thought it was mediocre/poor. The gnocchi tasted like nothing, and the sauce looked and tasted like white water. The little sliders (emphasis on little) were good, but not anywhere deserving of all the hype. The service was cold, and the bill was high for what we received. I won't return.

    1. I have to completely agree with your assessment on Little Owl's brunch. I went a while back and they ran out of almost everything (we got there AT 12, so it's not like we were getting there as they were closing). We wanted a burger, but they ran out of beef - quite strange considering they just opened for brunch and the burger is one of maybe 7 things on their menu. They also ran out of tea (someone nearby asked for a hot tea and the waitress had to tell them that they didn't have any tea bags).