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Jul 6, 2009 11:25 AM

Saturday night, Waterbury

I need a few recs for July 11 (Saturday) evening in Waterbury or near by. Must be able to handle around 20 people coming from a late meeting, open after 9 P.M. and have decent parking. Nothing too elaborate or fancy, just good food and moderate prices. I see Anatolia is open late. Is this a good bet? We prefer not to have pizza or Chinese this time out. Thanks.

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  1. Waterbury in which state? :)

      1. re: thos

        If you mix well with drunk golfers, you could find a convivial time at The Hills, which features lots of parking and outside dining.

      2. I'd recommend Brass Cith Bistro (located right off I-84 on Hamilton Ave.) They do happen to have a private room that would work for 20 people. It's a very nicely decorated space. Their food is very good and you can find things on their regular menu in all price ranges. One caution: their "specials" are quite expensive. Also, parking is available.

        1. I would suggest La Tavola.
          At that time of night parking might not be a problem but you can park in the Wachovia Bank parking lot a short distance away. I would certainly call and set it up. (203) 755-2211 The restaurant is open till 10PM and the bar stays open longer on some nights. Closed Sundays.