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Jul 6, 2009 11:24 AM

Catering - Bethesda/Rockville/Silver Spring

I'm looking for catering for an in-home bridal shower in Kensington, MD, for about 20 people.

Suggestions for catering companies or restaurants that would deliver (or aren't too bad a drive from Kensington)? I'd prefer something other than cliched finger sandwiches!

Thanks much.

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  1. Here are some restaurants that i have had good experiences catering from: Guardados, Olazzo, Rio Grande, and Raku.

      1. re: MrsWheatie

        Has anyone had a positive experience with Moby Dick's catering? I used them previously and the food is great- but the catering service is awful. I could never get them on the phone, they kept saying that they would have to "get back to me" about delivery- to the point where I just gave up and picked it up for myself.

        As for caterers in MoCo, Ridgewells is excellent- but you do pay a premium for the best. I also like Elegant Pantry and R&R. Most DC area caterers will delivery to any location in the metro area. If you go with a restaurant, make sure you ask them right away if they will deliver on you date and time. Most places only do weekday lunch deliveries because that is the standard corporate lunch time.

        I have also had nothing but TERRIBLE experiences with Cosi, incase anyone sugests them. They have lost my order- multiple times, and they are always very late.

      2. I hosted a bridal shower brunch for 20 people and used Occasions caterers about three weeks ago. Definitely a success. I'd use them again and recommend them to others.

        Here's our menu: Potato and Artichoke Frittata, Spinach and Ricotta Brealfast Pie, Chilled Poached Salmon, Mixed green with goat cheese and onion chutney, Mango, Jicima and Cucumber salad, Fruit salad, assorted breads, and pick-up pastries. My biggest criticism was that there were too few delicious heart-shaped brownies; these disappeared instantly.

        One of the reasons we selected Occasions is that the menu they proposed from the outset showed more originality than any other catering company even though those others were in the same league as Occasions. In the planning stages, Occasions was responsive and easy to work with. Delivery of equipment and food arrived on schedule. You don't mention using catering staff, but we did. Here is where Occasions was stellar.

        I don't know what sort of a menu Occasions would propose since you don't seem to be using staff, but I'd sure give them a chance to delight you. husiastically.

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          Moby Dick is a great idea if you are in the mood for that kind of food (personally, I always am for it!!!) They do a lot of catering- I see huge trays of kebobs go out all of the time while I am eating there (hence the screen name.)