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Jul 6, 2009 11:10 AM

crab meat in SEA

Where's a decent place to get crab meat for crab cakes in Seattle without having to travel to Pike Place? Are the cans of refrigerated crab meat sold in Trader Joe's any good?

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  1. I like the crabmeat at metropolitan market. it is not canned. it is sold in the seafood deparment.

    1. North: University Seafood in the U District. South: Mutual Fish on Rainier Ave S. There is little worse than old crab meat, but expect to pay for top freshness

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        Ditto on met market and also try wild salmon. not cheap, but really fresh. when i want to save a buck, the canned meat at Costco (canned by Philips in Maryland) is pretty good. it is blue crab, so not exactly a PNW treat, but about 1/3 the price of pre-shelled dungeness.

      2. Any good seafood market. I get mine at The Fresh Fish Co on 80th at 24th NW. They also make their own crabcakes.

        1. Go get some fresh crabs and take out their meat - time's a'wastin.
          Mutual Fish
          University Seafood
          Fresh Fish Co.

          1. I get crabmeat from Tim's Seafood at Kirkland Parkplace. They will gladly let you try a sample before you purchase and everything I've ever purchased there has been great.