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Jul 6, 2009 11:04 AM

recs for weekend in West Chester /Kennet Square

Will be in this area for the weekend visiting Longwood Gardens etc and am looking for restaurant suggestions for my husband and I. Prefer no Indian or Mexican. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Sovana Bistro in Kennett Square is by far the best (albeit a pricy) option in the area. Brandywine Prime is also close by and is pretty good too...

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      I agree with bluehensfan. I love Sovana Bistro! You will not be disappointed.

      Review this thread:

    2. Many people rave about the Dilworthtown Inn on Old Wilmington Road. I haven't been there myself but based on what I've heard and read, the food and service should be above average, the menu is diverse and the dining environment offers more ambience than most. I figure that a dinner a two-course dinner for two without drinks should cost about $35.

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      1. re: Enjoy Good Food

        I did not have a good experience at the Dilworthtown Inn, the food was definitely not worth the exorbitant prices they're charging (entrees range from $25 to $50). The service was friendly but not all that attentive. Their other restaurant next door, the Blue Pear, is better and cheaper, but I wouldn't heartily recommend either one.

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          Blue Pear is better than Dilworthtown, unless you like stodgy 1970-ish food. Sovana is usually great, though variable in my experience. Gilmores in WC is very good, Katherine's in Unionville is another one to think about.

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            Agree about Blue Pear. Did not like Dilowrthtown. Did like Blue Pear. Gilmore's would be my first choice.

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        1. In case you're not convinced yet, here's another vote for Sovana Bistro.

          Another idea -- for lunch you might want to go to Talula's Table in Kennett Square. Take out a selection of whatever looks good (which is almost everything there) and bring it over to Longwood's picnic area, which is just outside the front entrance. You're able to leave Longwood and re-enter with your ticket. Also, there are two nice dining options right inside the Gardens.

          1. Thanks so much for your suggestions. I have reservations for Brandywine Prime. Avalon, and Sovano Bistro. Had tried to get into Gilmores but only late resies available

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              You aren't missing anything at Gilmore's in my opinion, though a lot of people disagree with me.