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Jul 6, 2009 10:59 AM

Terraburger Is Open (Sort Of)

I visited the new Terraburger at 10611 Research Blvd. at about noon today - although their large and prominant digital sign still read "Opening Soon", it was apparent that people were being served, so I pulled into the tight little drive-through lane. Not really that hungry, I only ordered a basic "Terraburger" and a cola, which was advertised as "made with real cane sugar". Service seemed a bit slow, but when I finally made it to the pick-window, I handed over a $10 bill, and was told very sweetly that they're not officially open yet, so my order was free. Nice......

I got their brochure that was being passed out to customers, and noted that Terraburger states that they use all organic beef, chicken, produce, coffee and eggs, which is good, of course. The overall menu looks promising, and they have several breakfast offerings, including tacos, muffin sandwiches and smoothies.

The burger I had? It probably will not please everyone: the beef patty, thicker than most, was very tasty, but just a bit overdone. The accompanying vegetables were very good, particularly the pickles, and the whole wheat bun was fresh and held together well. Overall, it was a pretty decent hamburger with a nice clean finish to it - just not overly exciting. But, I will certainly go back soon to sample more of the menu.

Hurry over to take advantage of the free food......

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  1. Wish I had known before lunch - I grabbed a burger and fries at Mighty Fine (good burger, ok fries).

    1. Have you tried the Elevation Burger over in the Arboretum? I'd be interested to hear opinions from those who have tried both Elevation and Terra Burger, since they seem like a similar concept.... a noble concept, i suppose, but I tried Elevation and thought the flavor and doneness of the burger was a little flat. Hopefully Terra Burger can up the ante.

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      1. re: jwynne2000

        There's a recent thread on Elevation, if you'll do a search. I hope they finally got their A/C fixed!

        1. re: marfaboy

          The a/c seemed to be working that last time I was there (last week) but the food was only so-so. That was my second try and I don't expect to be going back again.

          1. re: marfaboy

            Yes, I've read that thread. Just looking for comparison to Terra Burger, now that it's open.

            1. re: jwynne2000

              Just ate at Terra Burger. I had the hickory burger and it is obvious they use good quality meat. The burger was only fair, nothing special. The fries were not crispy enough for my taste and considered them sub-standard. The time it takes to get your food at Terra is a little on the long side. Ten minutes from placing an order until you are served is a too long for a place that is to go only. I have been to Elevation Burger and would go back there before I would return to Terra. Having said that, I'd go to Mighty Fine over either of those two. Waiting for Five Guys to open in the Arboretum. Anyone know exactly where in the Arboretum? I thought they were opening this week.

              1. re: PappyAustin

                One story is that Five Guys is opening in the old Sharper Image space in the Arboretum. Over near the Cheesecake Factory.

        2. Well, Terraburger appears to be really open. I swung by at about 1:00 this afternoon to see about getting a burger and the drive-through line was out into the street and their little parking lot was full. They have what looks like a nice playground/outdoor seating area. They're going to need more parking, not sure how they will manage that.

          So I left and went over to Panera at Stonelake Blvd and Capitol of Texas (which I had spotted for the first time this weekend) and got an okay sandwich.

          Later I went to Any's in the Arboretum for ice cream (I have a point, y'all, just bear with me) and saw that the Five Guys store is going in right next door to Amy's. This is another place that I foresee having awful parking. I hardly ever go over there even though I live close by because the parking is such a PITA.

          Anyway, the Five Guys signage is up on the building, but the windows were covered with white paper. Hard to judge the progress of the work that way! I didn't see any kind of sign that indicated when it might open.

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          1. re: Ashforth

            About two weeks ago I asked an employee at the other location when Five Guys would be open at the Arboretum and was told July 9. No telling what the real date is . I agree that parking is always an issue at the Arboretum. You would think that Five Guys could have found a more accessible and less expensive location in North Austin

          2. Well, I went through the drive thru for breakfast this a.m. Had an egg muffin sandwich with bacon (their equivalent of an egg mcmuffin). It comes on a whole wheat English muffin for 3.65. Large regular coffee was 1.95. It was a little weak for my taste. Should of got the Americano.
            All in all, a marginally better breakfast than i would of gotten at McDonald's, at about twice the cost, and i hope a little healthier.

            1. I have been to the Drag location and agree with previous reviews. The burger was thick and very tasty, well-seasoned and with a good beef flavor, but it was dry. I got the Thousand Island burger and there was way too much sauce on it. The fries were hand-cut and crispy, but the Muir Glen organic ketchup tastes all wrong (Heinz for me, please!). They have a Boylan cane sugar soda fountain, which is a nice touch. The Drag location does have its own parking lot in back, which is nice.

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              1. re: mkwng

                Funny that you mention cane sugar, though, because the Heinz that 5 guys could have served wouldn't have that in it.

                1. re: rudeboy

                  Fair enough, though Heinz does make a HFCS-free organic ketchup. But maybe I should have said the Boylan fountain is a nice touch if you're into that. Me, I make the small sacrifices that let me keep Heinz and Diet Coke in my life.

                  1. re: mkwng

                    Oh they do? I guess that they don't have it at my piddly little HEB.

                    Although, even though I don't like some Central Market products, their organic ketchup is the BEST I've ever tasted.

                    Five guys - My burger was a bit dry as well, and then the whole thing was hard to handle with 2 patties. Sort of fell apart. I think I'll go back for fries only when I have a fry hankerin.