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Jul 6, 2009 10:49 AM

Tons of mint -- seeking creative suggestions

I have a TON of mint growing in my garden. I think it is peppermint, but I'm not positive. I use it when cooking a lot (mint pesto, mixed with fruit, in salads, in marinades, etc), but a little goes a long way. I'm looking for other ideas to use up my enormous amount of mint. I made mint infused gin last year. It was great, but again it just took a little bit of mint. I am trying to think WAY outside the box, here! Sauces that can be frozen? Infusions? Home remedies? Drinks? Anything!

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        Sorry about that... thanks for requesting that this be moved. And thanks for the links!

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            happy to help. i find it's always best to do a search before posting a query, because 99% of the time at least one other Hound has had the same question or problem!

            oh, and one more idea for your mint if you want a non-alcoholic drink...muddle some in a pitcher of fresh-squeezed lemonade.

        1. strawberry-mint lemonade, with or without vodka

          1. See if you can sell it to a local bar or middle Eastern restaurant for their drinks or dishes!

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              If you really are looking to use up (or unload) a large quantity of mint, weezycom might be on to something here. Similarly, are there local markets that might want to sell small bunches of fresh herbs? Don't have a clue if there are health code issues or not.

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                Good idea.

                If I had really large quantities, I'd approach my local greengrocer who I know will barter for small quantities of home grown products - we get some great plums once a year from him, that have been grown in one of the gardens in the village.

              2. I grow three sorts of mint so am never short of supply either.

                It freezes reasonably well but does lose some of the flavour. In the past, I've made a mint and apple relish - I've no recipe but quantities were something like a kilo of apples (chopped), a lot of mint (finely chopped), sugar and cider vinegar. Like most of these styles of relish, it'll easily last a couple of years in the cupboard as it's packed with the preservatives.