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Tons of mint -- seeking creative suggestions

I have a TON of mint growing in my garden. I think it is peppermint, but I'm not positive. I use it when cooking a lot (mint pesto, mixed with fruit, in salads, in marinades, etc), but a little goes a long way. I'm looking for other ideas to use up my enormous amount of mint. I made mint infused gin last year. It was great, but again it just took a little bit of mint. I am trying to think WAY outside the box, here! Sauces that can be frozen? Infusions? Home remedies? Drinks? Anything!

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        Sorry about that... thanks for requesting that this be moved. And thanks for the links!

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            happy to help. i find it's always best to do a search before posting a query, because 99% of the time at least one other Hound has had the same question or problem!

            oh, and one more idea for your mint if you want a non-alcoholic drink...muddle some in a pitcher of fresh-squeezed lemonade.

        1. strawberry-mint lemonade, with or without vodka

          1. See if you can sell it to a local bar or middle Eastern restaurant for their drinks or dishes!

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              If you really are looking to use up (or unload) a large quantity of mint, weezycom might be on to something here. Similarly, are there local markets that might want to sell small bunches of fresh herbs? Don't have a clue if there are health code issues or not.

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                Good idea.

                If I had really large quantities, I'd approach my local greengrocer who I know will barter for small quantities of home grown products - we get some great plums once a year from him, that have been grown in one of the gardens in the village.

              2. I grow three sorts of mint so am never short of supply either.

                It freezes reasonably well but does lose some of the flavour. In the past, I've made a mint and apple relish - I've no recipe but quantities were something like a kilo of apples (chopped), a lot of mint (finely chopped), sugar and cider vinegar. Like most of these styles of relish, it'll easily last a couple of years in the cupboard as it's packed with the preservatives.

                1. So, we had these 'Summer Rolls' at a fusion sushi place- they had the vermicelli noodles, shrimp, a few mint leaves rolled up in rice paper and came with a peanut dipping sauce.
                  They were very, very tasty- I let my husband know I could TOTALLY whip these up at home once we start our herb garden again. He normally shuns the rice paper (he doesn't like the texture) but these were winners.
                  Have you seen those chocolate dipped mint leaves? Gorgeous.

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                    A friend of mine makes vegetarian summer rolls (tofu instead of shrim) for her kids. They think it's the coolest thing ever- that the paper is see thru and all the veggies shine thru.

                  2. MINT ICED TEA

                    1. Bring 2.5 quarts water to boil.
                    2. Add about six stalks worth of fresh mint leaves to the water and boil for 10 min.
                    3. Remove from heat and let the leaves steep for 20 min.
                    4. Strain water into another container and add 1/4 cup honey.
                    5. Chill well, and serve over ice.

                    1. Mojitos.
                      Mint chutney.
                      Fresh spring rolls.

                      1. Also only requires a little but I've made mint sugar cookies and mint fudge.

                        1. On Sunday I visited friends who had an enormous stand of mint growing in the back yand, so I returned home with many tall stalks of mint. I used it all up by making a batch of mint iced tea and also, since I was lucky enough to have bulgur wheat on hand, a big bowl of tabbouli.

                          1. Just concoted my own recipe for mint chutney, because i had so much mint myself. I used 3 cups mint/2 cups cilantro/a sprinkle of sugar (honey might be nice)/ a jalapeno/ lemon juice/salt and pepper. Put in food processor, puree. I use it as a dip for bread (especially good with na'an), veggies, even tortilla chips.

                            1. My wife has a family recipe with a well thought-out name: Orange Mint Drink.

                              Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice, Mint, and Simple Syrup - Let Steep (Don't know the ratios, will have to get back to you)

                              Mix with club soda and Vodka....And the OMD Syrup itself will keep for awhile in the fridge...


                              1. We grow ours pretty much exclusively for ice cream. I don't even really like commercial mint ice cream and I love the stuff I make. You steep the leaves and stalks in the hot milk/cream for about an hour and the flavour and colour really come out. I made a fantastic mint fudge ripple this weekend by layering the still soft ice cream with some good fudge sauce.

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                                  Works even better with a chocolate base for mint chocolate ice cream.

                                  The ice cream with real mint is so much better than what you buy.
                                  No comparison.

                                2. Had to put Round-Up on most of mine, got WAY out of hand.

                                  1. Lemon-Mint Granita
                                    Can't get easier or more refreshing than that!

                                    I have a bunch of mint too that is slowly going to waste so I have bookmarked this page. So far I have made mint iced tea and added it to some cucumber raita. Not too exciting, but this thread has inspired me!

                                    1. After you finish working hard in your garden, get some of that minty gin, draw yourself a hot bath, and throw a bunch of mint stems into it. The bath and the bathroom will smell wonderful and it's very relaxing....
                                      So is the gin.
                                      You deserve it, after gardening...

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                                        This is a wonderful idea! The gin and the minty bath.

                                      2. I make a sauce of chopped mint and basil, with some olive oil and chopped garlic and use it on legs of lamb (brush it on while cooking and serve with a puddle on the side). one batch will use two or three healthy handfuls of mint--the ratio of mint to basil important. I also bruise a big handful and scald with milk or cream as a base for ice cream or for pastry cream to line summer fruit tarts (it turns the cream a kind of gray-green so I try to cover as much of it as possible with fruit).

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                                          Epicurious has a tart recipe (strawberry I think) with a pastry cream with infused mint. It does turn the pastry cream a little greenish. Fabulous flavor that goes well with the fruit.

                                          Let me know if you want me to find that one.

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                                            I mix 1/4 cup each olive oil, balsamic V, lemon juice, and add 4 minced garlic sloves, 2 tbls mustard, salt and pepper and 1/4 cup chopped mint, 2 tbls chopped rosemary. Marinate butterflied leg of lamb in this, then grill, 15-20 minutes per side...delish

                                          2. Here's my family's favorite recipe for Mint Iced Tea, great to have on hand in the summer: http://thecrabbycook.com/?p=90

                                            1. Instant mint tea at work, uses up gobs if you do this a couple of times a day.

                                              Stuff a glass full of mint stalks and one green tea bag. Fill with water. Microwave for 3 minutes. Let it steep for 10 minutes or longer if you happen to be on a call or in a meeting. Drink warm or poured over ice.