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Jul 6, 2009 10:46 AM

Sonali Indian Cuisine, new in Sunnyside!

Located on 44-13 Queens Blvd (North side).

It isn't open yet, but there is a new awning up. No other information regarding what style of Indian food they will be serving but I hope it is traditional dhaba style (i.e. inexpensive and yummy) North Indian.

Keep this thread open to post updates regarding the opening, menu and tasting reviews.

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    1. Yes, of course it will be good since we lived right there until a couple months ago and always bemoaned the lack of Indian food in the neighborhood. Oh well...

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      1. re: catherine

        @ catherine, lol

        doesn't life always work that way? of course it will be the Indian equivalent of Sripraphai! =)

        1. re: catherine

          Doesn't anyone like Haji's Biriyani in the neighborhood? I haven't been there in a couple of years but it used to be very decent if not solid.

          1. re: jeeves

            is that the place on 43rd just north of QB? I've never been and always forget about it.

            1. re: Widmark

              I am not sure about the street # but it's on your right when you face north (i.e., the # 7 train behind you).

              1. re: jeeves

                it is on 43rd st on the north side of queens blvd. it is right behind the korean restaurant on the corner of 43rd + QB. i never see anyone in there besides the employees, so i've always been weary of checking this place out...

                1. re: Linda

                  They supposedly have a very large catering business (in NJ & LI) and the kitchen probably serves as a supply hub. I guess that's their bread and butter or more and hence they haven't invested much on the "eat-in restaurant" aspect.

            2. re: jeeves

              I happen to love Biriyani, and it's super-cheap. Not the world's best Indian, but a reliable neighborhood place and $6 can get you a huge plate of food. I prefer to do take-out since it's a little lacking on ambience, but the food is solid.

          2. cooool! will try and pass by today; wonder if it is affiliated with my favorite Curry Hill takeout, also called Sonali (used to be called Famous Curry) on east 31st street.

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            1. re: bigjeff

              i saw that they opened this past weekend, i believe. they had what looked like friends + family in the restaurant. i was hoping for a take out menu, but i did not see one when i passed by. will have to check sometime this week again. i hope it's good, sunnyside desperately needs a good indian place!

              1. re: Linda

                please god let it be good because I've had Masala again recently and it was pretty terrible. I'd love to be able to get good indian food delivered. I'm spending too much time going over to Jackson Heights for Mehfil's buffet.

                1. re: Widmark

                  I went last night with my wife. Not very impressed with what we had or the eat in atmosphere. Might be a good take out/delivery joint. Food was just ok, my dish, lamb wtih okra curry featured on the bone lamb that was very tough., my wife's dish, a spinach and chicken curry, was tastier. There was a relatively long wait for our food despite the curries coming from a steam table, I guess the bread took a while to cook.

                  And I have to mention the large number of employees or maybe family members that were there. I presume most had some role to play but it seemed there were more people getting in the way and doing nothing than being helpful. This was obvious from the start when we sat ourselves after standing there for a while and then had to get up to for menus when no one came by with them. It improved as we figured out who was the waitress. But it was very odd and I feel noteworthy.

                  I did take some 'chicken turnovers' home - curried chicken in a flaky turnover crust. I had one for breakfast this morning. Now that was quite tasty when heated up in a toaster oven. Regrettably I noticed if you got one there, into the radar oven it went but I would stop by for more of these to take home. All in all, we'll go back to try again but won't be rushing there.

                  1. re: dhs

                    Thanks for the write up. I'm hoping this is a "soft" opening, but of course it is a low-mid scale Indian restaurant in Queens and they probably know of no such thing.

                    From the looks of it, their opening was WAY behind schedule -- probably permits and such. It really shouldn't take 4-7 months to set up a smallish Indian restaurant. I hope they have the cash reserves to make it through the first 6-12 months. It will take at least that long to get the clientele to get cash flow positive.

                    I'll give this a try in a few weeks and write back as well.

                    1. re: rhydewithdis

                      I've already tried their Biriyani, shrimp and lamb; sad to say, we sunnysiders may still have to schlep to Jackson Heights. Tough lamb and the rice was rather sweet.

                      1. re: Paulomet

                        thanks for the reviews.

                        sunnyside is in dire need of good indian, vietnamese and pizza. i would love a nice bowl of pho right about now. or a good slice. any word on that new sunnyside pizza place opening up on QB + 40th (northside), right next to that diner?

                        1. re: Linda

                          I tried that new pizza place. Not the best I've had, but definitely better than anything I've tried in Sunnyside. The owners are very nice actually...they are from Brooklyn :-)

                          1. re: Linda

                            you can get korean pho at natural tofu.
                            it's passable when you're really desperate, but don't want to leave the hood.....

                            1. re: Linda

                              I'm a little late here, but Marabella's Pizza on Greenpoint Ave. and 41st street might be the best pizza in the entire city. It's in the top 5 anyway. Their Grandma is spectacular.

                  2. re: bigjeff

                    Famous was incredible, especially with the choice of veggie and sweet rices, potatoes, bhindi, lots of choices for dirt-cheap lunches with all the trimmings. Where did their chef go?

                    Sonali = A(Pepto)Bysmal.

                    44-13 Queens Blvd, Queens, NY 11104

                  3. wow, totally different opinions here than Sietsema's (


                    Anyone have a recent visit? Confused as to how the opinion could differ so widely.

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                    1. re: janethepain

                      I am confused here too. That is nothing like what I experienced. Such a grand endorsement makes me think it is worth a revisit.

                      1. re: dhs

                        again, sietsema loves chowhound! often his reviews follow the CH trail. in the case of his last indian restaurant review for Coconut Grove: [] it went nowhere cuz when I ate there, that restaurant blew. so, it doesn't come as a great surprise that he loves Sonali (I haven't been there yet, but I've been reading this thread). I just like him for the eastern european and latin food, not for his asian food.

                        1. re: bigjeff

                          He's particularly unreliable on Chinese (that he hasn't found out about on CH). Remember his review of the North Korean place someone had the bad taste to open a few years ago? -- Someone better on Asian food is/was Sylvia Carter, from Newsday, but she's not reviewing any more. Too bad.

                          1. re: buttertart

                            there's mention of a new indian restaurant, curry point, on Greenpoint + 41st (right across the street from marabella's pizza). hope it's good...


                            in regards to pizza - i think marabella is good, but it doesn't blow me away. i feel the same about the new place, sunnyside pizza. i asked for a slice nice and hot and i got lukewarm. that isn't the fault of the pizza obviously, will have to ask for "super hot" next time.

                            i wouldn't order the pho at BCD - i go to eat soondooboo, not pho there. :) i usually drive over to the pho bang's on b'way in elmhurst to get my pho fix.

                            1. re: Linda

                              Linda: I agree with you 100% on all of your observations.

                              Curry Point has Sonali beat in my opinion. Faster delivery too. I just wish they were open as late as Sonali.

                              Marabella is good. But it's not mind blowing enough to consider it the "best" of anything. I would prefer Skillman's more, but even that place isn't much home to write about.

                              Never order pho at a Korean place. If anyone is down for that, they might as well order sushi from a Chinese takeout joint :)

                              41-07 Greenpoint Ave, Queens, NY 11104

                              44-13 Queens Blvd, Queens, NY 11104

                              Curry Point
                              41-02 Greenpoint Ave, Queens, NY 11104

                    2. Ordered delivery tonight from Sonali. The sag paneer was really good and the rice is spiced with cardamom which is a nice touch. The veg pakoras were a bit greasy for me but that's probably because fried food doesn't travel very well. The service was quick and the food tastes fresh and like it was made with care. I'd definitely order from them again.

                      44-13 Queens Blvd, Queens, NY 11104

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                      1. re: sunnychef

                        Would not go back. Although delivery food was great, we ate at the restaurant and the quality was terrible. The food was greasy and not fresh. I sent back my dish and asked for something different and it was equally bad. Would not return or recommend.

                        44-13 Queens Blvd, Queens, NY 11104