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Jul 6, 2009 10:46 AM

Pepe's at Mohegan - OPEN

DH, son and I were there Wednesday night for a concert and saw that they were open, and NO WAITING, so we walked in at about 5:15. Little did we know, it was their opening day! Inside it looks like the Wooster Street place, all the way down to the signage and colors.

Menu is simple, pizza and salad, with beverages. Pizza tasted exactly like the original location and service was ok - actually way better than ok for the first day. They also do take out there, so you can have pizza for the ride home, or eat poolside if you're staying in the hotel.

I sincerely hope that they do well there. Nice to see a local company getting a spot at one of the casinos. I have a feeling we'll be waiting in line for some time on our next visit!

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  1. Nice to see that the prices are just a dollar or 2 more than New Haven's. Their white clam pies are just about my favorite food of all time. Look forward to getting some soon. My father, who lives in Westchester county is thrilled that they're opening in Yonkers this fall. If they can maintain quality at all their new locations, it will be a rare feat.

    1. We went there last night. Got there around 6:30 and there was a bit of a line but not too bad. They also had a sign encouraging people to order take-out and eat it in the nearby food court, but the hostess was warning people that take out orders would take at least an hour to ninety minutes.

      At any rate we were seated by 7 and eating by 7:30. The very friendly young man monitoring the line said they had had a thirty minute wait the entire day, even at, say, 3 pm, so they are obviously doing well.

      I've never been to Pepe's in New Haven so I have no comparison. I would say that it was easily one of the best pizza I've had in my life but cannot definitively say it is "the best." But my wife and stepdaughter, who are from Louisville, thought it was just OK. I mean, they certainly ate it with enthusiasm but say they wouldn't be in any hurry to come back.

      It's definitely a regional thing. I grew up in New York and found the Pepe's pizza to be quite similar to a good New York pizza, with an even thinner crust and without the bready rim. Wife and daughter lean more to the Chicago deep dish school, which in my opinion can be tasty but hardly even qualifies to be called "pizza." I loved the charred crust and the way they cheese and sauce merged together as in a good New York pie. I'll be back, but probably sans wife and daughter.

      1. I just called my mom to tell her and she said "Oh my God what fabulous news!" My parents have always always raved about that white clam pizza.... but they live in RI and aren't into the long drive to New Haven. But they are only 30 mins from Mohegan Sun! Now, whenever I'm visiting my parents I will be pushing for a mini-trek to Mohegan Sun for pizza!

        1. Although I think that Foxwood's is staffed by nicer people, and they're nicer to gamblers, the Mohegan Sun takes dining far more seriously than Foxwoods. It'll be nice to see how Pepe's Mohegan stands up to the original...

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              Now that it has been a couple months, how are the lines??

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                I went about a month ago. We stayed overnight on a Wednesday and grabbed some pies to go on our way home, just as they were opening. Ordering, there was no line. Picking up, the line was only about 5 deep, and that's just because some idiot at the front of the line had a million stupid questions for the hostess. Of course, I could have bypassed it and gone to the pickup counter in the back, but noone mentioned it when I placed the order.

                The pizza is just average, at least to someone living in the Hartford/West Hartford area. Picture Harry's Bishop's Corner only with bits of ash and char stuck to the bottom of the crust and you'd be close, only the crust isn't quite as good at Pepe's. The room service pizza is better.

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                Yes. I found the menu on Mohegan's website.

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                  Went here tonight. My first time having Pepe's Pizza and I thought it was great! Loved the way the mozzarella and tomatoe were glopped on. I sure liked it a hell of a lot better than Modern's.

                  Service on the other hand..all i can say is.. EH.. We got there around 8:30 and the place was pretty empty. There were only 2 tables of people. Not sure if that waitress was new or just having a bad day or what. We're seated and before we could even pick up a menu, the waitress bounces over trying to take our order. We asked for a couple minutes and she took at least 11 minutes to come back. We got up and went to the desk at one point and asked to place an order. There were 2 people on the "server" side of the counter who were just talking and putting pizza boxes together. They stressed they were just "Servers" and we need to wait for the one and only waitress on duty who disappeared in the back somewhere. Few minutes after that was when I guess someone had called her and she finally came over and took our order.

                  We ordered drinks with our pizza and she took about 6 minutes to bring those out...but probably only because another table of people came and she brought ours out at the same time. We ordered first and yet she gave them their drinks first and then took their pizza order down. She wasn't nasty or anything but I think it's safe to assume she was either new or just ending a really bad day.