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Jul 6, 2009 10:33 AM

Restaurant Sugg for Small Informal Wedding


My fiance and I are getting married late August 09. We are having a small informal wedding in NYC and are in need of ideas for a suitable restaurant to hold this wonderful event.

We are planning on approximately 40-50 guests and bringing the Rabbi to the location to officiate the ceremony at the restaurant. We want to hold a luncheon and do not want a formal stuffy feel to the location. We are pretty open to the type of food except Chinese food or anything too ethnic. We definately don't feel the need for a separate hall or reception room, just something that will hold our fun and crazy bunch of family and friends. As far as budget goes, we are hoping to do this for around $50-$75 pp (should be reasonable we hope as this is not a dinner but rather a lunch)

Please Please Please give us some suggestions. I am new here to NYC having recently moved here from Toronto to be with my wonderful fiance.

Peace, Love and Happiness, EILEEN

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  1. I have heard good things about weddings at ICI in Brooklyn. No personal experience though.

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      I went through a similar search a few months ago for my Nov 09 wedding and I looked into ICI and was not impressed by the event coordinator there. She made it really hard to get information - like I told her we were interested to have a wedding from 6-11pm on any Saturday they had available in Nov 09 and she replied "tell me which date you want". I explained we were flexible and that we could do any Saturday and she still said "tell me which date you want". So I wrote out all 4 Saturdays and she said they were all available. There were other aspects of my communication with her that were really annoying - like she wouldn't set up a time to meet with us until we had a meal at the the whole experience a huge turn-off despite the fact I've heard people really like the event space there and the food.

      Congrats Eileen...we were looking for a similar space and in Manhattan looked at Craftbar and Jane but ultimately decided against them mostly because of the space - their rooms both felt a bit too confining. If you're interested in Brooklyn, I'd suggest looking into Frankies 457 on Court Street - they have a separate event space that's great, the food is terrific and is where we're doing our wedding. They only book for 40 max though in their space, but you could also use their garden.

    2. We did dinner for 17 for our wedding at the private room at Broadway East and it turned out really well and was in your price range. It might be more expensive to close the main dining room for a party of 40-50, but it's probably worth a call to check. Everything turned out really well and the food was very good, but we got almost no attention from the staff until about a week before the wedding, so be prepared for that. I read a while ago that their chef left, so it may be worth a trip to check out the food to make sure it's still good.

      1. Cafe Loup is warm in atmosphere and lovely. I don't know if they do weddings, but I think it would be a great place if they do.

        1. congrats! i recommend shorty's 32 in soho. i went to a wonderfully intimate and delicious wedding there a couple of months ago. my friends had about 20 seated with room to dance. i'm not sure how many he can seat, but you should definitely call and find out about that and pricing. i know he was really easy to work with and his staff was warm, friendly and professional. your foodie friends will be extremely satisfied! my friends also had the ceremony in the restaurant. easy!

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            If you're willing to travel to Brooklyn, Bubby's hosts a great lunch for a large party. It has great views of NYC and has a very airy feel to it. It can certainly fit your price range.

            I Coppi in the East Village has a great garden and very good Italian food

            Elizabeth in Noho has brunch and a great area for a large group