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Jul 6, 2009 10:11 AM

Hostess gift idea

There always seems to be a lot of talk on CH about hostess gifts and bringing wine/food to parties (should I serve it, should I not serve it, what if it is gross etc etc). I recently had a party and someone did bring food that I did not request but it was breakfast food! how clever I thought! my guest brought some muffins for me and my SO to enjoy for breakfast the next day. I thought it was very clever and very kind and while I was cleaning up the next day, I was happy to have something to munch on! And clearly since it is was a breakfast item, I had no qualms about not serving it for the dinner.

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  1. That reminds me of a dinner my wife and I had at one of our favorite restaurants in NYC a few months ago. Along with the check the waiter brought us a couple of cinnamon muffins from their in-house bakery to have for breakfast the next day! I thought that was a really lovely gesture - although, to be honest, by the next morning the muffins were a bit stale. Still tasty, though.

    1. Cassoulady-

      What a great idea! It avoids all the pitfalls mentioned on the host/ess gift threads that I can recall, i.e. don't have to be put in water, or heated, or refrigerated, or fretted over regarding to serve or not, can be tossed without the giver knowing if no one likes it, etc. Thanks very much for sharing.

      1. That is a cool idea! Along the same lines-- one could bring some yummy homemade granola in a simple quart jar. Wrap a ribbon around it-- wouldn't that be fun?

        1. here's a hostess gift idea--and no worries about how/when it's used:

          In the Fall when I have to either harvest the end of my herb garden or let it wither (perish the thought!), I make SeaSide Salt.

          Havest and chop all remaining herbs, mix with kosher or sea salt, store in tightly closed plastic bags. When I need a little giftie, I get a pretty jar fill it with the salt, write SeaSide Salt on it with a purple Sharpie and viola--no fuss. And it's as unique as can be.

          Plus, I have a year's supply of my own tasty salt which I use on everything (unless I need plain like in baking or pasta water, etc.)

          1. Like the SeaSide Salt idea.

            I make my own infused olive oils and put in pretty bottles tied with raffia. There are so many you can do, rosemary, garlic, chili, basil...for Christmas I usually make a trio along with some recipes.