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Jul 6, 2009 10:04 AM

Dinner tonight Spadina & Bloor

We're seeing a Fringe play tonight on Glen Morris which is south of Bloor, east of Spadina. Is there a restaurant close by that's quick and affordable? Silly question as I know there are tons, but what would you recommend that's close to the theatre?

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  1. If you like Indian, Nataraj is good. There are also a few good places on Harbord, South of Bloor West of Spadina.

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      SERRA...on Bloor just a bit west of Spadina on the north sure to tell them you have to go to the theatre...they tend to get crowded...but it's a good place and not pricey..........

    2. That area unfortunately is a culinary wasteland for restaurants. It's most known for cheap AYCE sushi, catering to a student market.

      I would suggest you head a few mins down and have dinner on Harbord, such as 93 Harbord, Harbord Room or Loire.

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        If you are up for healthy veggie food that is affordable you could go to Fresh right at Bloor and Spadina. I much prefer the Queen Street location....but this one does in a pinch.

        Lots of rice and noodle bowls....great sweet potato fries. You for sure won't leave hungry. The portions are large!

        Harbord Room and Loire are nice...but they aren't fast and they aren't what I'd call "affordable." They are more pricey. Depends what you are in the mood for. Personally...when I am "Fringing" I don't want to get all dressed up and rush a nice meal just to sit in a hot stuff VERY casual theatre.

        But that's me.

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          There are at least four sushi places on Bloor between Spadina and Bathust - mostly closer to Bathurst though. Sushi on Bloor is a landmark and only about a five minute walk from Bloor and Spadina (around 515 Bloor). My suggestion is just to walk along Bloor east of Spadina and find a place you like.
          There's also a great Hungarian restaurant on the north side of Bloor just opposite Sushi on Bloor, a couple blocks east of Bathurst.

      2. If you don't mind the short walk to Harbord, you could try Harbord House (between Brunswick and Major on the north side). It's a pub with better than average pub fare. It also has a cute patio. If you want to stick closer to Bloor, there's By the Way Cafe, which is affordable.

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          Harbord House makes surprisingly good food. And the best Tom Collins in the city!

        2. Mount Everest for good value Indian / Nepalese in a nice atmosphere! Or budget Sushi at New Generation...

          1. If Dooney's was still there, I would have recommended Dooney's... What happened to them?