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Jul 6, 2009 10:03 AM

SFLA - Crispy Super Thin Crust Pizza

I am looking in South Palm Beach County or North Broward for a place that serves pizza with a super thin crispy cracker like crust - Not just thin crust NY style, but also not necessarily flatbread, either.

Is there anyplace anyone can recommend?

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  1. La Fontana in Coral Springs. Fantastic, super thin crust pizza. Take out or dine outside only.

    1. Tucci's in Boca. Absolutely marvelous pizza prepared in a coal and wood fired oven. Very thin, crispy crust. Delicious.

      Tucci's Fire n Coal Pizza
      50 NE 1st Ave, Boca Raton, FL

      1. "Crispy" would qualify Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza but I don't think it is exactly cracker thin. Since it's cooked at 800 deg., it is as crispy as you can get. Try the Paul & Young Ron special. Good stuff. Maybe others can qualify the crust better than me.