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Jul 6, 2009 09:40 AM

Pre-theatre dinner

Hi there hounders - had a baby about 8 months ago so have been out of the dining scene. Looking for somewhere new to go before theatre with two other couples so reservations are a must.

To give you an idea of what we like in the area: Estia, L'Angolo, Melograno, Monk's, Caffe Casta Diva, Tria.

Was conidering Noble, Meme, Parc. Any votes or other suggestions?

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  1. What theatre? The three places you're considering are a little far away from the places I'd consider 'pre-theatre' (meaning, around Broad St. where the Kimmel, Merriam, etc. are located). Of those three, I'd go to Meme, but only because I am a big dessert fan and their desserts are some of the best in the city. Noble is very good too, and the space there is much more comfortable, especially for a group of six (Meme is smaller and more cramped). They also have an interesting all-American wine and beer list.

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      Thanks! It's the Suzanne Roberts theatre. I know the restaurants I mentioned are a little far, but we're willing to park somewhere in the middle and walk a few blocks. Couldn't really think of anything on the other side of Broad. We've done El Vez, Lolita. Not interested in the Brazilian steak house craze.

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        Ah, in that case, go directly to Kanella at 10th and Spruce. It's one of the best BYOs in the city, and is much closer to where you're going.

    2. Have you been to Branzino? It's on 17th Street, just north of Spruce - fairly close. Lovely ambience, lovely food. BYOB.

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        Zinc and Caribou Cafe are also good. I think Zinc is on 12th below Walnut and Caribou Cafe should be around Walnut and 12th. There's also Bindi, the Indian sister restaurant of Lolita.