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Jul 6, 2009 09:40 AM

DiFara Price Hike

Slices are now $5. Anyone who goes from this point forward, might you verify pie prices(increased or not), both round and sqaure.
I have a few other choice words about it but do not want to horrify the many sensitive members with reality.

Thanks for current info.

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  1. Please! Horrify me with reality! I am curious why a slight price increase should be such a big deal, but obviously you have a reason.

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    1. re: NYJewboy

      You are not so sensitive, Jewboy.
      Of course, 25% increase is not slight. I am sure you would find a problem with it for other purchases. I know you revere the joint, which is fine, just recognize that it is so and you allow it, not that it is righteous for them to do so. Why not 20/slice? I would not pay it but I would not defend it or bash it on some moral ground. Nor would I say it is "slight". 20 dollars is meaningless in absolute terms, just as the dollar is. I think you should understand that if this attitude is taken across the board of life, you and others will not be happy campers.
      My withheld remarks were not directly about the price at the moment, really.
      Anyway, let me know the whole pie prices if you go.
      My assumption is they went up in kind(so 25/30)but who knows.
      Personally, I think raising per slice prices and not the pies would be appropriate action to lessen load and lines.
      Ah, I can feel the forthcoming barrage.

      1. re: NYJewboy

        In the greater scheme of things, a dollar here and there doesn't make a difference, but when the prices of pretty much everything keep rising, I believe it does create an impact.

        I stopped going to DiFara awhile ago because I couldn't deal with the wait, but i always figured i'd get back there eventually because the pizza is great, but quite frankly, if i have to wait 20 minutes to pay $5 for a single slice, it's not going to happen, no matter how good that slice is. in this economy, it's not realistic, and i guess the only (ironic) plus re: the price hike would be that perhaps fewer people will be lining up to order from now on--

        1. re: brooklynsabra

          I'm with you on the wait. That is the ONLY thing that drives me away. I would pay quite a bit in the end, but I won't wait on that line. It is just not what I want to do...even for that piza.

          1. re: brooklynsabra

            "In the greater scheme of things, a dollar here and there doesn't make a difference"
            perhaps it doesn't make a difference to you, but there are many people these days - including some of our fellow CH'ers - who unfortunately can't afford to be so cavalier about it.

          1. Deja vu all over again.


            I look forward to hearing the spin this time around.

            1. Several of my food board friends have basically dared me to take this on, knowing that I've been going to DiFara for more than 40 years & love the pizza he makes. Oh well, here goes nothing.

              I get lasagna at Vinny's on Smith St... $10 for enough to feed 4. Same with his eggplant parm. And I dont dislike the product; as a matter of fact, I had it 2 weeks ago. But I dont confuse it with lasagna from Piccolo Angelo, where I paid $20 last week for a single (very good) portion. And I dont confuse P.A. with Babbo, in general. See where I'm headed?

              Everyone weighs the variables of food quality, quantity, ambience, price, etc differently. And, clearly, Dom aint winning any ambience awards, or even quantity awards. As for price... it's hard to ever find anyone charging more. But he can make one hell of a pizza, using very good ingredients and his own very skilled labor.... folks just have to weigh that for themselves. Personally, the $5/slice means less to me than the inconvenience of standing around for 45 minutes or more waiting for it and I dont go that often anymore because of this. Enough said? Well, let me end with this: as someone who knows Dom, my guess is that he'll keep raising prices to 1)discourage folks from buying slices (the pie prices are a deep discount) & 2)to build up as much of a financial stockpile for himself and his family as possible while the market for his product is good and demand exceeds supply. Doesnt sound different from many businesses, does it? Anyone thinking that being an artisan cant combine with being a shrewd businessman just aint thinking right.

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                1. re: Steve R

                  well said.
                  I cant imagine going in there for a slice, anyway.
                  if it cuts the traffic, great.
                  given the deep discount in whole pies, I can imagine people buying a pie and selling slices on the street.

                  1. re: jen kalb

                    When Dom raised the per slice price to $4 and kept the pie at $20, I told him that's what I was intending to do. Offered to split the profit with him if he let me use his condiments and tables. Got a smile out of him. Not easy if you're a male.

                  2. re: Steve R

                    Of course there's the issue of consistency. A number of people are reporting that an increasing number of his pies are burnt. He's a shrewd businessman indeed when he can charge more for a product that's declining in quality.

                    1. re: Bob Martinez

                      Agreed. Many places run on reputation with much steeper drop offs than Dom has shown. The line at Grimaldi's on Sunday was way longer than Dom's and they dont use quality ingredients, the ownership isnt the same (for years now) as when the reputation was made, and the pizza doesnt taste anywhere near as good. Hey, you're still a Mets fan and they havent produced much quality in years.

                      1. re: Steve R

                        "Hey, you're still a Mets fan and they havent produced much quality in years."

                        You are a cruel, cruel man.

                    2. re: Steve R

                      Most of what you say is about right and I think obvious.
                      Some of it does not run parallel to what Dom does. Most "business" people, even successful ones are not as sharp as they are usually given credit for.
                      Forgetting that charge, if he does not want to sell slices, then do not sell them.
                      From his actions, it is quite obvious that he prefers to sell them. Go when it opens and he will take pie after pie out and create slices for people who are in line far after others who have ordered whole pies. That is fine, he likes the bigger margins, I get it. The slice pies are usually more sloppy it seems.
                      As for high quality product, his pizza is tops but he should upgrade the olive oil in my view. Margin is there. True, the wait is a big downer and the prices even given his lack of costs would be more tolerable for many if it were quick and efficient, myself included. The double whammini is not so cool.
                      As for artisanship and money, I would love to get into that but it is more serious and a bit much for this forum.
                      Charging more money does not make one shrewd.
                      Has everyone forgotten all the "genii" from the recent past who are not touted so now?
                      Brain power is not cyclical.

                      Enough of all this, I am just curious to know if it is an across the board hike.
                      So, who is going to have some pizza from Dom and finalize the new pricing?
                      Actually, nobody could do so until at least Wed it seems.

                      1. re: dietndesire

                        "Charging more money does not make one shrewd. Has everyone forgotten all the "genii" from the recent past who are not touted so now?"

                        True, but neither is applicable here. His 45+ years in business, with high profit margins for the past 25 or more, qualify him as way more than a shooting star to be quickly forgotten. And not a penny spent in advertising while being better known than just about any other place in town is more than just luck.

                        1. re: Steve R

                          Like most don't pay the 'worth' of the pay the 'perceived value.' If you think it's worth $5, then it IS worth $5. If you think it's worth $1.25, then it is only worth $1.25 (if no one, in a free market, without a gun pointing to his head, will pay more for it). If someone WILL pay $5, then it is worth (perceived value) of $5.

                          As David Ogilvy said...Pour a man a glass of Chevas Regal and tell him it's Chevas Regal, he'll believe it's Chevas Regal. Pour the same man a glass of Thunderbird and tell him it's Chevas Regal, he'll believe it's Chevas Regal. It's all in what the person expects and perceives...not what he tastes. Prime rule in marketing. That is what makes a Lexus out of a Corolla...a few decorations...a bit more ostentatious fixtures...voila...a couple thousand dollars of material raises the 'perceived worth' to double the original amount. Put a little parmesian cheese and cut some basil, drip some oil on a $2 slice and voila...out comes a burned, smelly gourmet slice. 25 cents worth of extra material, the cachet of waiting an extra half hour in a crowd of like minded pizza 'gormands' and you're in pizza heaven.

                          Keep Capitalism alive.

                          1. re: MoxieBoy

                            If you believe the only thing that differentiates a Di Fara slice from any corner joint is a little parmesan cheese,some cut basil and drip of olive oil,25 cents worth of ingredients, then you are not paying attention to how the pizza tastes. Even the most anti DiFara hound knows there is more to it then that. Better ingredients and superior pizza making skills are part of what makes the DiFara pie,at its best, the king of pizza.

                            1. re: stuartlafonda

                              Well said Stuart.

                              However if I wrote that it would be rejected as suspicious partisan drivel.

                              1. re: NYJewboy

                                "if I wrote that it would be rejected as suspicious partisan drivel"

                                Rofl!.... As I was reading Stuart's post I was smiling at the thought of what you would say... Tooooo funny!
                                As much as I find most hard core 'DiFara-ites' to be a little, uhhh, 'intense, I can /do appreciate their passion for the pie.There should be no doubt about that., but, with apologies to stuart, no one should confuse the business/financial aspect of DiFara's with a romantized vision of the skilled Artisan plying his craft..
                                It's still all about the Benjamins.
                                I guess that takes me back to the whole, something -is-worth-, etc, etc, etc.

                                1. re: Tay

                                  In the spirit of non-partisanship I will say this: I think that somewhere out there in this city is another 'undiscovered' Dominic DiMarco, and his pizza is $1.75 a slice. It is our job to him him.

                                  1. re: NYJewboy

                                    "Hard as it may to believe, I completely agree with you...
                                    He's/she's out there....Somewhere.
                                    (At this point I feel as though we should be bursting into song or something) :-)

                                    1. re: NYJewboy

                                      Or course there is. Dom's been making pizza for eons but as recently as 10 years ago his place wasn't the phenomenon it is today. It was an excellent pizza place that still charged reasonable prices, and where you could get your food without literally feeling yourself age during the time it took.

                                      Great pizza is still, ultimately, pizza, and I value both my time and money WAY too much to invest either in DiFara.

                                      With that said, good for him for cashing in. If people are willing to pay, why not.

                                2. re: stuartlafonda

                                  But is the taste worth the extra $3.50 (for a smaller slice?) Only the potential customer can judge.

                                  Actually...I really agree wtih's just a matter of how you define value and talent. If Dom creates a slice people willingly pay $5 for, then it's worth it. It's,good pizza. It's great pizza. But how much is based upon the tongue and how much is based upon the brain?

                                  By the's more than five bucks a slice...add in the $20 for me to get to Dom's from Jersey, $4.50 for the subway round trip from the Port Authority Bus Terminal to Ave J, Add the price for a dozen Brooklyn bagels I get when I make the trip...I figure to go to DiFara to have a few slices cost me over $50. Twice a year I'll treat myself. Yes, I too, am a devotee...I just cringe at the responses I get when I tell my Jersey neighbors that I go to Brooklyn for his pizzas and spend what I do. They just can't believe it's worth it.

                                  Capitalism at its best.

                                  1. re: MoxieBoy

                                    What, no babka from Isaac's? My love for that pizza is based on my tongue,brain and heart. All of which are connected when I eat.

                            1. re: Steve R

                              Steve, since pizza prices were pretty much in line with subway tokens back then, we were probably paying 20 cents a slice in 1969.


                              1. re: Peter Cherches

                                Peter, very astute observation. I'll remember this and probably use it in conversation. Thanks.

                            2. still can get pretty good pizza for 99 cents at 9th Ave at 41st St in Manhattan...for the extra 4 much better do you need?

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                              1. re: Potrezebie

                                that logic makes me think it's worth it. when i think of the pizza i can get for $1 at 9th and 41st, it seems more than worth the $4 extra to get Di Fara's pie. of course, this does not take into account the wait.