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Jul 6, 2009 09:14 AM

Seafood Vendor at Brookline Farmer's Market

Does anyone know if Cindy from the Farmers Market in CC Brookline sells fish anywhwere but that location on Thursdays? I had an insance piece of tuna from there last week b/c I was able to get the before 3 (which is when I hear she sells oout of everything) last week due to the holiday. Usually she's gone by the time I can get there at 5 normally.

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  1. I know she sells at other markets, but the best thing to do is to sign up for her email list. She sends out a weekly email listing what she will have and the prices, and you can pre-order and pick up at the Brookline market without having to get there early. Ask at her stand and she'll take your email address.

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    1. re: Allstonian

      Write to her at

      1. re: BobB

        Great! I emailed her to what we can work out. You really can't beat the price of the blue fin that she sells for $15/lb.

        1. re: BobB

          The email came back as an invalid address. Could you check your email address?

          1. re: veggielover

            She has on occasion requested that we use instead. Try that one.

      2. Cindy buys her fish from Globe Fish which has vendors at the Bedford Market on Mondays, the Newton and Lexington Market on Tuesdays, the Arlington Market on Wednesdays and the Winchester market on Saturday ams. Hope this helps!

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          Do happen to know what time she ends up leaving the coolidge corner market? does she stay till it closes?

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            She stays til she's out of stuff. Your best bet is to pre-order via email. Then, she'll stay til you pick up, or maybe leave it with the vendor next to her if you're really late. She'll call to advise you of this if you give her your cell phone #. BTW, her being there is no guarantee of getting what you want if you don't pre-order.

            1. re: galleygirl

              She sounds extremely accomodating. I emailed her earlier and can't wait to hear back.