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Jul 6, 2009 09:11 AM

DFW Steakhouse Recommendations

I just moved to Dallas, and haven't had the chance to try any steaks yet. My finace is vegetarian, so there isn't a whole lot of opportunity for us to go to a steak house. we're getting married at the end of August, and we have alot of guests coming into town asking about good steak houses. Can you please share your recommendations on great steaks in Dallas (preferable closer to the Las Colinas area, but not mandatory)? Our guests are primarily families with kids, so a romantic or expensive ambience is not needed. Just good Texas Steaks. Thanks.

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  1. OK. No one is taking the bait, but I will. As I am sure you know, Dallas is one of the Meccas of beef. We have our share of great steakhouses. Some chain some local. I won't try to define each as there are many threads dealing with these. But I will attempt to set you up with the very specific request you made.

    Forget all the III Forks, Al Biernat's, Pappas Brothers, Bob's Chophouse (original location on Lemmon), Nick and Sam's, Del Frisco and the rest. They are delightful in their own right, very expensive as well.

    The key words I caught were 'children', 'inexpensive' and the odd request, 'vegan'.

    My rec today is a chain called Texas Land and Cattle. I have been here several times on one business meet or another. As I always say in these situations, find one item that is a 'go to' and stick with it. TL&C is a chain that used our local hero as a consultant, Stephan Pyles. He is touted as one of the original members of the SW cuisine movement. and a local chef hero. It appears he often lends his name to other ventures as chef consultant. My rec is one of those.

    One of the very nice items I order is the smoked sirloin, medium rare. Full of flavor, tender and consistent. I also enjoy their spicy caeser salad. Beyond those two items, I am lost, but it fits the criteria (why would you marry a vegan, give him a baked sweet potato and a salad).

    I have seen these people please a crowd of 30 Japanese people, I am sure they can handle your crowd. Seems they have a good soup as well.

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      I agree with DD, Texas Land and Cattle is a good choice and being a chain with over achieving resto managers, they'll know what to do to handle a lot of people.

    2. With your specifications you will have to stick with one of the chains. If your group likes smoked meats then Texas Land and Cattle. If you don't really like smoked then stick with Saltgrass Steakhouse. Either one of these will have fish and other dishes that should work for you. I personally think Saltgrass is a little higher quality but again that's a highly subjective view. The other choice for a local restaurant would be Dunstons which is very old school Dallas.

      Now one more out of the box thought would be they are not really a steak house, but do a reasonably good job at everything they do. They serve family style and are again a Dallas institution.

      1. I will second Saltgrass and there is a locaion about 10 min. west of LC in Grapevine on the SE corner of 114 and Main St. Great steaks for the price - I usually get the prime rib and have been as happy with it as I have been at pricier restaurants.

        In Las Colinas, at 114 and Mac Arthur, is The Keg steakhouse and burgers. I ate lunch there once and wasn't wowwed!, but it is a pretty popular midrange steak destination for many.

        Everyone I know has long ago tired of Outback, but they contiue to thrive. They have a location also in Grapvine on the EB service road of 114 between William D. Tate and Main.

        2 pretty good Italian places in LC, both on MacArthur, is I Fratelli and Brunos (which is north, actually in Valley Ranch)

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          It just occurred to me that there is a Salt Grass at 635 and MacArthur - are you picking up on the MacArthur theme?

          In that same vicinity, there is a great salad bar restaurant - Sweet Tomatoes, for anyone who might prefer lighter eating during their visit in what's sure to be a hot August day. I will add that they have a few pastas, about 6 different soups, various breads/foccocia, a baked potato bar and a decent small dessert island. A couple of very small meat toppings are available for additional $$$.

          I would also mention that if anyone is interested in a Sunday brunch, I Fratilli used to have one and I imagine still does - mostly pastas with some traditional breakfast items.

        2. Actually, we are not joining the friends and family who are going to to steakhouses during their stay. So really the only requirements are:

          "primarily families with kids, so a romantic or expensive ambience is not needed"

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            If you don't have to worry about vegetarian and want kid friendly I would change my recommendation to Babes in Carrollton. They have a reasonable variety of southern dishes and it's a fun place for kids. Very laid back and reasonably priced.

            1. re: irodguy

              Well, pretty sure the rec was for steakhouse. But babes is always a pleasure and lots of fun veggies. Mmm creamed corn.

          2. I concur with the others regarding Texas Land & Cattle Co. I go often for juicy inexpensive steaks and excellent roast chicken. The atmosphere is very pleasant. With warm lighting and comfortable booths. Perfect for people on a budget with kids in tow. Lots of vegetarian options as well. I especially like their sauteed spinach with fresh garlic.

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              Their steaks are good for that mid-range price category (as is the Keg, Saltgrass and Outback). But before ordering the smoked sirloin, see if they will provide a sample - it is very smokey.

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                Guess thats qall that has been mentioned, is the smoke sirloin. It IS all I have had and it is so good once I picked up 10 pounds of the sliced tasty meat when I had a last minute dinner party with ZERO time to cook. It worked out very well, and they charged me very little for the steaek by the pound (it comes sliced).

                I have had coworkers rave about this place and the filets and other steaks. Remember, although it is not low end, it is budget prices. I dont think much of anything over 15 bucks. That has a place in most family budgets these days. Thank God I have no family to budget (ha). But it is a decent enough place to send recs out. And I am sure they would sample the beef.