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haagen dasz pints now 14 fl ozs

I just noticed the hd pint dark chocolate is now 14 ozs not 16! It is no longer a pint

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  1. I assume the price did not go down. I would buy from another company and go on their web site and let them know that you are onto them and will not be buying their products. I just did and will see what their response will be.


    From their web site ->
    Beginning late January 2009, all Häagen-Dazs branded 16 fl. oz. cartons will change to 14 fl. oz. In March 2009, all Häagen-Dazs branded 32 fl. oz. cartons will change to 28 fl. oz.

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    1. re: MartyB

      Complaining to Haagen Dasz worked. I got emal from them explaining why they did what they did and in today's mail came two coupons for a free 14oz "pint" or a box of ice cream bars :)

      I did the same thing and complained to Bumble Bee about their crudy (not so) solid albacore tunas and got an email and 3 coupons for their 5oz tunas.

      1. re: MartyB

        I'd say that if the 14-oz pint is still a 14-oz pint, and still costs as much as it used to, complaining to them DIDN'T work.

        1. re: MartyB

          All the complaining did was get you two coupons for free ice cream. They didn't change the size back to an appropriate pint of 16 oz.

          1. re: LindaWhit

            True, and so I am not a hypocrite, I will opt for the free boxes of their ice cream bars (unless they shrunk those too :)

            I, by the way, did not use the coupons of Bumble Bee tunas, mostly because they specifically excluded their prime fillet 5oz tunas from the offer. I really didn't need more of their inferior tunas. As it is, I am still stuck with a supply of tunas that I bought from Costco.

      2. I just noticed this as well, perhaps b/c I haven't bought Haagen Dazs in a while b/c it was already so expensive. The new cartons look the same, just smaller. After years of buying 16 oz containers, the new ones feel skimpy. To their credit, the company did not try to hide a smaller amount of product in the same size container, (though I didn't notice it until I got home b/c I had a very sick child with me while shopping), but shrank the carton along with the product. But with the price the same as for the 16 oz, I will go back once again to not buying it.

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        1. re: Cachetes

          other companies products like ben and jerry's have not gone down in size

        2. Over the past year or so, many companies have done this, including other ice cream brands. Here's an article from a few years ago when the non-premium ice cream makers shrunk their sizes: http://www.boston.com/business/globe/... I really wish they would just raise the prices instead of selling us odd sizes of things.

          1. "Half-gallons" haven't been half-gallons in years.

            The only advantage I can see is the calorie savings for those of us that eat the whole thing in one serving rather than suggested 4. LOL.

            1. Wasn't there a huge thread on this earlier in the year?

              I think the issue is that a lot of people have an upper price limit that they will spend for a certain item because they have a budget of $100 or whatever per week. For many within this set budget, an increased price is more likely to stop them from buying the product than a smaller size. That said, HD has always been too expensive for me to buy unless it's on 2 for 1 sale, so it really isn't going to affect me buying it.

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              1. re: queencru

                Yes, there was.

                I took the opportunity to wean myself off of the nasty Häagen-Dazs habit to which I had been addicted for the past few years. Thanks, Häagen-Dazs.

              2. 'recession sizing'. I too wish they'd just up the price - recipes often call for a can of this or a box of that. Sneaky sneaky.

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                1. re: wolfmonk

                  Yes, too sneaky. I noticed this just last week with a "quart" of Best Foods Mayonnaise!!! I was cursing when I realized. I think I will boycott Haagen Dazs (at least for a while . . .)

                  MartyB - thanks for the website. I too went there to register a complaint, though not specifically to get some free product. If enough people start giving good companies like this our negative feedback, maybe they will stop this evil scourge before it gets out of hand.

                  1. re: vday

                    I'd say it's already out of hand. Products that have been shrunken include ice cream, cereal, mayonnaise and other condiments, orange juice, tuna . .. . next thing you know, a dozen eggs will only have 10 and a quart of milk will be 30 oz like the mayo. The difficult thing about this marketing trick is it's really hard to boycott some of these products (like Hellman's mayo). Plus, when all the manufacturers do it, as with ice cream, you really are left with little choice but to go along. Complaining is about the only thing one can do, but from the articles I've read, the companies thought that shrinking sizes was better than higher prices. I don't know who they market-tested, but that's what the manufacturers claim.


                    1. re: DanaB

                      I like being vocal directly to the company about such things and encourage others who are irritated to voice their displeasure directly via e-mail or letters. We have more power than we think if we act in numbers . . . probably helps to include in your complaint that you are boycotting the product on principle. (but, I agree that the mayo - Best Foods here in the West - is one of the things I have a hard time giving up since I haven't found a good replacement product)

                2. Well...there IS a recession, did you think things will cost the same?

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                    I believe that the fear with this recession is not inflation, but deflation. I just read a BBC article that reported a drop in food prices in the U.S., at least in their small sample. I'd guess there are other factors at play in the resizing of the HD pint.


                    Edited to add: I'd guess that this change was in the works before the recession began, when fuel costs were helping to drive a rise in production and distribution costs.

                    1. re: Cachetes

                      Here's the explanation sent by Haagen Dasz:

                      "Over the past few years, the cost of all-natural ingredients, like fresh eggs, top-quality raspberries, and Madagascar vanilla, has increased by an average of 25%. The energy required to make and deliver our products has risen in cost as well, despite the recent dip in gasoline prices.

                      By slightly reducing the size of some of our cartons, we're balancing our need to cover our increased costs with the realization that our country is in an economic recession. We wanted to avoid a price increase that could put Häagen-Dazs out of reach for consumers. Given the quality of our ingredients, the time and craftsmanship that goes into the creation of each unique flavor and the fact that we deliver our ice cream fresh directly to store shelves, we continue to believe our product is a great value for consumers seeking the best that ice cream has to offer.

                      This was a difficult decision. But we hope you'll agree that our promise to never sacrifice the quality of our ice cream - what we put in as well as what we leave out - is what the Häagen-Dazs brand is all about. The carton may have changed slightly, but your Häagen-Dazs ice cream has not. You can count on that."

                      I still think it's sneaky and the wrong move for loyal customers of this product. If costs have gone up - RAISE THE PRICE.

                      1. re: vday

                        I got the same response, did yours end with ->

                        Please watch your mail for two Gift Certificates with our hope that you will continue to enjoy your favorite Häagen-Dazs flavors.

                        1. re: MartyB

                          Yep - haven't seen them yet though . . .

                    2. re: AngelSanctuary

                      I do not think things wills tay the same price in a recession but I did not think thatthe change in pints would be so subtle. ben and jerry's has not changed their price/size or ciao bella

                    3. As noted, this is not new news. It's spelled Häagen-Dazs.