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Jul 6, 2009 08:47 AM

Milwaukee this weekend

My wife and I will be visiting downtown Milwaukee for the first time this coming Fri - Sun (for the Circus Parade). We will be staying at the Pfister Hotel and would appreciate any "not to be missed" breakfast, lunch and dinner recommendations. We are open to pretty much anything but would prefer casual places. Thanks!

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  1. You will be right in the heart of the Bastille Days festival held in Milwaukee right around Cathedral Park. It starts on Thursday night through Sunday. There will be many , many restaurants set up and there is also a schedule of bands. It would be a good opportunity to taste a variety of things.

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      Thanks ! We will definitely check it out.

    2. Glad you'll be coming to our fantastic city. Here are a couple of my favorites:

      LuAnn (Milwaukee Lunch)

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      1. Thanks for the tips. We enjoyed the Bastille Days very much, especially the wine and the Cannoli's from Peter Sciortino's Bakery. We also had lunch at Trocadero which was nice, especially to sit outside. The breakfast burrito from Margarita Paradise in the City Market was also excellent. Dinner at the Mason Street Grille at the Pfister Hotel was disappointing. The food was just fair and the service was extremely slow and disjointed.

        1. For really casual I always enjoy Culver's when I find myself in the upper midwest. a butter burger deluxe and fried cheese curds washed down by a vanilla shake made with their custard is heaven. as i recall there is one not far from the pfister.