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Jul 6, 2009 08:43 AM

Want to buy a ice cream maker

I have owned or used a ice cream maker but I would like to have one to make ice cream and sherbet's. I could use a little direction or advice.

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  1. There is another recent post on ice cream makers that you might want to search for. As I have mentioned previously, I am very happy with my Kitchenaid ice cream attachment. However, it you don't already have a Kitcheaid stand mixer (manufactured after 1990), it would be an expensive route to go just to make ice cream.

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    1. re: Jane917

      I have the basic Cuisinart one and I have no complaints. You need to make sure the cylinder's frozen solid.

      1. re: NYCkaren

        Cuisinart works, also frozen basket doubles as a holding tank for frozen drinks at a party.

        1. re: Jane917

          I do have a kitchen Aid stand mixer which I use for almost everything. I didn't realize there was a ice cream attrachment. How does it work\?

          1. re: wdames

            The attachment consists of a big bowl that is stored in the freezer. The dasher fits on the thingy that you attach the beaters to. Turn on to speed 2, slowly pour in chilled custard mixture, and let it go for 15-20 minutes. I add other things, like chopped/sweetened strawberries in the last 5 minutes.

          2. re: Jane917

            I found the attachment on and read the reviews. One reviewer ssaid it is compact but extremely hard to add ingrediants. Do you find this to be the case.

            1. re: wdames

              It's the same level of difficulty to add ingredients to the KA ice cream maker as it is to add flour or anything to the regular mixing bowl. So... kinda awkward.
              I like the KA attachment, I get really creamy results depending in the recipe, but I also love the Donvier hand crank model that we own. The Donvier has the same style chiller as the KA, and is really relaxing to crank once or twice every few minutes.

              There are recipe videos up on the web somewhere of us making ice cream with both the KA and the Donvier.

              Can't tell you where though.


              1. re: legourmettv

                I think I saw a video on the Williams-Sonoma site. I am sure a You Tube search would find more.

                1. re: Jane917

                  There are actually recipe videos of me using these two ice cream makers on my site, but I can't give the address... It conflicts with the Chow board rules.


              2. re: wdames

                I have not noticed any difficulty in adding ingredients. The advantage is that the dasher keeps going around while you add. This might seem awkward, but I haven't felt that it is a problem.