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Jul 6, 2009 08:41 AM

Birthday Lunch for 1?

Where would you treat yourself out to for lunch if your birthday was tomorrow? Looking for San Francisco, no preference for type of cuisine but not a formal 3 hour lunch. Would love to hear what dishes you would order!

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  1. I might sit at the bar at Boulevard. Or I might use it as an excuse to try La Mar or RN74.

    1. I'm going to suggest Spruce or RN74. Sit at the bar in either place.

      1. I would go graze all through the Ferry Plaza. Oysters at Hog Island, shrimp croquettes at Delice? (the Japanese Deli), albondigas soup at Mijita, daikon cakes at Out the Door, etc., etc. Then you could take a ferry ride to Sausalito, Alameda or Larkspur just to be out on the Bay

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        1. re: saffrongold

          Thanks for the advice, but I actually live near the Ferry Building so frequent some of the more casual places often.

          I'm thinking more sit-down, especially at a nice bar. All your recs are great though!

        2. Zuni, and have the chicken all for myself!