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Jul 6, 2009 08:19 AM

Low key girls hen dinner in Central London

I need help!!! Wanted a restaurant that is buzzy and fun (yet not rowdy with music so loud we cant hear each other!), glam but not too expensive and in central London. There are 5 of us 27 y.o. ladies out for a dinner to celebrate an upcoming wedding but the raucous boozy hen part is over and we really just want somewhere to have a lovely memorable meal and be able to catch up and chat before the wedding, yet we would love atmosphere and buzz rather than somewhere quiet. It's for Friday night after work and we also have 2 veggies so we need to cater for them too. (Bride to be is a veggie so she takes precedence!) Thinking £25 per head roughly not including drinks.

Anyone have any ideas??

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  1. I think that Oriental places tend to produce above average food for vegetarians, and I was in Chiang Mai in Soho a while ago with my veggie sister who loved it. I also rate the two branches of the small Thai Square chain which I've visited (S. Ken. & City). Or, cheesily, how about a restaurant from the honeymoon country?

    1. I'd recommend Yautacha - it's trendy, can be relatively inexpensive depending on what you order, and is good for a group as you can share the dim sum (with enough vege options).

      1. Thanks very much for your suggestions. The criteria ended up changing as we had one friend coming from Brighton so we needed to be near Victoria station so she could get there quickly and in time. We ended up at Mango Tree just around the corner which was handy, and we all enjoyed ourselves. We got a great deal with the Toptable 50% off food offer so we all had 2 courses, shared 2 bottles of wine and sorbet/ice cream for dessert and it came to £26 a head inc service. There is even a separate part of the menu for vegetarians/vegans which the 2 veggies loved. We ordered quite simply, I had spicy scallops to start which were crusted with chilli and herbs. Kind of overpowered the scallop but I enjoyed them. Followed with phad thai with prawns, the prawns were good, plenty of them and tasted fresh but could have done with more flavour in the noodles. Love the ice creams and sorbets at Mango Tree, particularly the lavender and chocolate lemongrass. The restaurant was busy and we retired to the bar area for a couple of drinks afterward but the area didnt fulfil the criteria of being overly buzzy and there arent many places we fancied heading to after round Victoria so ended up being a quieter evening. However, we all (and especially the bride to be) enjoyed it.

        1. If you like oriental food what about Patara - there are branches in Maddox Street or Frith Street I think? Randall & Aubin can be good too.