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Jul 6, 2009 07:41 AM

Iron Chef - Flay vs. Torres (spoiler)

Anybody else confused over last night's decision??? The way they were gushing about Chef Torres' dishes led me to believe she was going to TROUNCE Flay.

but then she LOSES??? Personally, I think Flay keeps making the same dishes over and over, no matter what the secret ingredient is. At least Torres showed some flair for her dishes.

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  1. Another confused one here. I really thought she would have and should have won. Her orginality and plating were very good. The judges seemed to LOVE her dishes. Glad I'm not alone in my confusion about this episode.

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    1. re: SoulFoodie

      Phew, I'm glad it wasn't just me!! I sat there for a good 5 minutes after the show was over thinking, "What the he## just happened???'

      I will admit that Bobby Flay has grown on me over the years, but he seems to limit all of his dishes to a Southwestern flair which doesn't always work. Yet the judges almost ALWAYS give him the win. Just doesn't seem fair.

      1. re: rocks67

        Supposedly the win is based on the numbers - summed across judges, dishes and categories. Do you think the judges think - 'I want Flay to win, therefore I will tweak the numbers to give him the edge'? Or do they try to judge each dish and category independently. I'm imagining one of the psychological tests, where you are supposed to answer each question independently, without thought as to how it might affect the overall score.

        In this case, didn't Flay win based on a higher taste score? Weren't plating and originality about the same? Also isn't taste weighted as heavy as as the other two put together?

        It's also worth keeping in mind that the tasting sequence is edited. We are not necessarily hearing all the comments that the judges make. Maybe we only see the most interesting ones.

        In the big picture, does the win really matter? Will the challenger do better financially if they win? Or is just the exposure on the show a big enough reward. Some of these issues have been discussed in a 'Throwdown' thread.

        1. re: paulj

          I thought Flay had the win. The judges pointed out a couple of times that they were enjoying Chef Torres' dishes but the banana wasn't necessarily the star.
          As I've been pointing out; I would like to see the individual judge's score cards and as excellent as Chef Flay's dishes appear, he does seem to make the same things every time no matter what the ingredient is.

          1. re: paulj

            @ paulj

            "Do you think the judges think - 'I want Flay to win, therefore I will tweak the numbers to give him the edge'? "

            I don't think that's what the judges think. And yes, I always keep in mind that it's edited. I just agreed with the OP that based on the reactions/gushing, it seemed like it would go the other way. That's all.

      2. I was hoping for more Caribbean dishes considering the had plantains. Bobby kind of did one with his "tamale" we call it Pastele in Oja and it is quite good. He made it a bit more southwestern, so I was disappointed. And no one could make a good Mangu? Or Mofongo?