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Jul 6, 2009 07:32 AM

Help finding ingredients in KC

Hello! My sister and I grew up in KC and now live in Chicago and Seattle. We are coming home next weekend to host a dinner party for our Mom and Dad's 40th anniversary! We aren't sure where to find a few special ingredients and was hoping the KC Hounds can help so we don't have to drag all of them with us. Here is the list of a few items we need...

-double concentrate tomato paste (comes in a tube)
-outstanding smoked salmon
-salmon roe
-veal stock

I thought about calling the Better Cheddar and maybe Whole Foods, but wondered if anyone could help before I start calling around. We will be north of the river, but will drive anywhere. Thanks so much for the help!

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  1. I believe i've gotten Amore tomato paste from one of the more upscale PriceChopper supermarkets. HenHouse may carry it too, not sure about Hyvee.

    I was pretty happy with the smoked salmon from Costco (they keep it in the refridgerated areas with cheese, chicken, etc) but I am not sure if you'd consider it "outstanding" or the best smoked salmon ever.

    1. You might try Dean & Deluca in Overland Park (119th & Roe - no pun intended, really!)

      There's a decent Italian market in Brookside, Bella Napoli. I'd call ahead & see if they have what you're looking for (same with D&D). Good luck!

      1. i can get the paste in most if not all grocery stores around me (brookside). there's green acres market up in briarcliff village (i think? that's the name of the area) - never been but it might have what you're looking for. more organic than gourmet, maybe. you could call Brookside Market (Cosentino's) to see what they have - 816-523-3700 or maybe the newer location downtown. they're more gourmet than hy vee, price chopper, etc. agreed on the dean and deluca suggestion also - that may be your best shot overall. i don't think bella napoli would have most of what your looking for. good luck.