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Jul 6, 2009 07:31 AM

What is the very BEST-TASTING decaf?

I make the Kicking Horse decaf, and it's pretty good, but it still has that decaf taste — what is the very best-tasting decaf out there? I prefer swiss water processed and fair trade, but my most important criteria is TASTE. Is there such a thing as a decaf that tastes like a rich, full, caffeinated coffee? I'm happy to spend extra if it will make the difference. Help!

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  1. Recently surprised by how good a cup of Folgers decaf tasted.

    1. I'm partial to "Damn Fine Decaf" from I Deal. But I'm not much of a decaf drinker.

      1. There is a wide variety of Swiss decaf beans at Greenbeanery, although only a few will be fresh roasted on any given day.
        Prices are good, just be prepared to make your decision from their generic descriotions.

        Green Beanery
        565 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S, CA

        1. The flavour profile I like is dark-roasted and drier, with less acidity, so I generally buy a decaf Indonesian dark roast. I generally find that these decafs are closer in flavour to their non-decaf equivalents than a more acidic Central or South American pair of coffees.

          I used to buy my decaf at Moonbean in the Kensington Market. I think it was about $12/lb and very good. I think it was a Mandheling. However, Moonbean is not nearly as convenient for me as it used to be, so lately I've been getting Organic Swiss Water Process beans custom-roasted at Highland Farms, for the same price. It's been over 6 months now that I've been drinking this and loving it.

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            Do you know if these are available at all Highland Farms locations?

            1. re: mobirose

              It never occurred to me that they weren't, however, I can only vouch for the store on Dufferin, south of Steeles. You could call; all the store numbers are on their website.

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                this is fantastic! all of it! thanks so much.