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Charm City Cakes - how do they taste?

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I have watched the Charm City Bakery make great looking cakes on FoodTV but I hve always wondered if the cakes are actually any good as cakes. Is it all about the look or is it also about the eating? Has anyone out there had any experience with the eating? I am just curious but I am VERY curious.

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  1. I had some of their sheet cake at a Yuri's Night Party this spring, and it was okay. I think they're cakes for smaller events are probably better.

    1. Regrettably, I haven't tried any of their cakes. But, if you are interested, there is a book I just read by Leslie F. Miller entitled "Let Me Eat Cake." She is a teacher at Towson U and has written an entertaining book about CAKE(S). She goes into quite a bit of detail with regards to Charm City Bakery and other local baking establishments.

      It seems as though the fancy, high-end, extremely decorated cakes, use fondant frosting which doesn't have any significant flavor. The cake itself is based on your personal taste as to what flavor you decide to select. Apparently some flavors stand out better then others.

      Another note, which I garnered from reading Ms. Miller's book, the Charm City cakes are very expensive--$200 and up. You may want to also consider SugarBakers in Catonsville and Patisserie Poupon. FoiGras

      1. I tasted a CCC cake at a wedding last year. It was gorgeous - very large but very tasteful and elegant and the flavor was amazingly full, fresh and delicious. It was moist and there was plenty of buttercream under the fondant. In watching the show, they said they make all the decorations ahead of time and as much as possible, bake the actual cake at the last possible moment. Also they said the fondant functions as a freshness seal. I'd order from them if I lived close by.

        1. In a word, cardboard. CCC was part of the package at our hotel where we had our wedding and we knew the cakes didn't taste that good going in and to be honest , we didn't really care. The tasting was nice, but the cakes didn't have a lot of flavor. The look of the cake was more important to us than the taste and we did get a STUNNING cake for the wedding, it just didn't have much taste to it.

          If you are looking for a beautiful cake that tastes good as well, I would go with Patisserie Poupon or Sugarbakers.

          Funny that you asked this because my husband and I just had the top tier of our wedding cake last night to celebrate our one year anniversary.

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            It reminds me of their show--pretty video with good production values to look at, but inane blather--no substance.

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              Agreed, a dear friend of mine got married pre-show, and the cake looked quite pretty but it was so dry and flavourless. I couldn't even tell what flavour it was---supposedly lemon but definitely more Tofu than lemon. Also, she got married on January 1st, so we have a feeling that cake was a few days old---who would work on New Year's Eve?

            2. I agree with the others -- we got a cake from them for our wedding two years ago. It tasted mediocre at best (although you know going in the fondant isn't going to add anything). They also totally botched our design, which is really the only reason to bother with them. That said, if they do it right (if!) it will look fantastic. But really, betting that much money on an "if" that doesn't taste great isn't for me. Definitely wouldn't bother with them again.

              1. Thanks for all your replies. It sounds like the taste is inconsistant at best - sometimes fine , other times beside the point. Everytime I have seen the show I have looked at all that fondant and wondered - how good can it be?
                Thanks for all your other suggestions.

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                  I live near them, and have heard from various friends for various events that their cakes generally do not taste that great. >Shrug.<

                2. Indeed, if you are looking for a scrumptious, beautiful wedding cake, Patisserie Poupon is the only choice. The tasting set up is also pretty amazing.

                  1. Had CCC do the cake for our 25th wedding anniversary this past summer. The taste of the cakes (we chose 3 different flavors as it was a 3 tier cake) was very good IMHO. Fondant frosting ANYWHERE is all but inedible, but the buttercream underneath was quite tasty. However, that being said, the overall experience was not worth the money. our cake cost more than 15 dollars a serving and the quality of the work was not what I expected from watching the show. It was a nice looking cake, but not worth $1600. Twinkling lights in the cake didn't twinkle, other important elements were left off the cake, decorating mistakes were clumsily covered, the delivery guy was unsure how to put the lights in the cake and basically left that for us to do as he had other deliveries to finish...etc. I could go on, but basically on TV it appears they really care about every cake, and I didn't feel like our cake mattered much. It also appears they work closely with the clients, but after the initial consultation, I had trouble getting anyone on the phone and emails took forever to get answered. However, I will say that after I complained, Duff wrote a personal letter of apology and gave a full refund without asking.

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                      Interesting post, carolinarose. It sounds like CCC is too stretched to properly execute all their orders. They are a victim of their own success. It's a testament to Duff that the refund came unprompted and with an apology, but that's probably little comfort for you.
                      If I were Duff, I'd hire a strong back of the house manager or curtail the number of orders the shop accepts. It's either mass or class - can't be both.

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                        Wow. Letter apology and full refund without asking? Good for Duff. I really respect him for that. (Just wish I liked his cakes more.) Thanks for sharing carolina.

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                          I Like I said, our cake WAS tasty, but the experience as a whole was not worth the money. For that amount of money, I expected a spectactular cake. I really hope that our experience was an isolated event and we were just unlucky.

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                            I had one for my daughter's first b-day about 3 yrs ago. It was fantastic. Duff helped me put it in the car. They made a "smasher cake" for my daughter and a monkey themed cake for show. Both were sooo good. I haven't have one recently, but my experience was great. It was the best cake I've ever had.