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Jul 6, 2009 06:08 AM

Garlic scapes, what prep besides pesto?

I've been enjoying some garlic scapes in pesto form recently. Really good stuff. I also shallow fried some to great success (nice, nutty flavour).

what else can you use it for?

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  1. I am planning on garlic scape mashed potatoes will let you know how they turn out

    1. I see these all the time being hawked by vendors in Chinatown. I should think they would be quite good in a stir fry, keeping their crispness while lending a subtle garlic taste to whatever protein you have on hand.

      1. I puree them with olive oil and vinegar/lemon juice/spices for an emulsified dressing of sorts. Love the garlic flavor that jumps out. I prefer them uncooked, but I do make a pesto every year as well.

        1. Scape butter. Chop fine, in a processor, mix with softened butter, s&p. Shape into a log, chill. We put slices on grilled salmon last night, and the night before, rolled our corn on the cob in it.

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            splendid spat -
            Sounds splendid indeed. Done, and done. Making this asap.

            Oh man - I'm already thinking of the applications.
            1. For grilling sammiches. Scape butter for my next reuben.
            2. Sauteed spinach
            3. Garlic bread
            4. popcorn
            5. oh boy, dare I even....HOLLANDAISE!!!
            6. Schmearing under the skin for roasted chicken
            7. nice dollop on the top of a thick grilled piece of top sirloin or ribeye

          2. We get great ones from our greenmarket. In addition to pesto, stir fries, pasta and the like, we like the White Bean and Scape spread recipe from the NY Times ( ) and putting them in omelettes. I've also enjoyed chopping them finely and mixing with yogurt cheese for a cracker/bread spread.