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Jul 6, 2009 06:05 AM

Thornbury - BBQ places

I learned that there are some new BBQ places that opened up in Thornbury this past year.

Does anyone have any info on them? Sounds like one of the 2 places is an offshoot of the first, partners having a falling out and such. From what I was informed….

Food any good at these places?

Thanks for any info.

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  1. From my brother who lives there.

    The local word is that BBQ Boys failed to trade mark "BBQ Boys". When their business took off like a rocket, the store owner significantly increased the monthly rent (no lease) and they decided to find another location. The property owner trade marked the name and continued it in operation. The original people reopened shortly thereafter named "BBQ Kings". Customers appears to be sparse at BBQ Boys and business continues to grow at BBQ Kings. BBQ Kings will soon be licensed for alcohol (according to the staff). BBQ Kings has geat ribs & chicken with varies sides from which you can choose. At the new location the menu has been expanded

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      Thanks for the info! Appreciated!

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        Report to those that care:

        Pulled pork sammo: really tasty. quite good. very good slaw as well.

        Ribs: bah, don't bother

        Brisket: decent, but too sauced for me

        Fries: fresh cut and decent but have had better, that's for sure

        Staff: wonderful

        Atmosphere: Cute and welcoming. I like.

        Nothing tasted particularly smoked at all. Though I'm told the meat is.

        I'd for sure return but just for the pulled pork sammo.

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          Have you tried the BBQ joint in Midland?? Can you compare??


          1. re: Davwud

            I have indeed been to Mad Michael's as well.

            I think the main point of comparison is that Mad Michael seems fairly obsessed by BBQ and the ownership at BBQ King in Thornbury does not - they are just starting their odyssey. I'm not sure how psychotic they are about BBQ at this point (I have my reasons for believing this), and it shows. Both, I must stress, do everything from scratch, which demands snaps. So: snaps. MM however takes from-scratch to an extreme. You kinda have to experience it to appreciate it.

            The PP sammo at BBQ King, while very tasty, doesn't really resemble southern BBQ. I could not detect much if any smoke flavour, nor could I make out where their smoker was. Nor could I smell smoke inside. That said it was darn good and worth a trip for…. if you are in the area. Mad Michael's PP, while not overly smoky, is markedly smokier. Both are good, both have interesting slaws atop (though MM's contains different veggies and flavour bases, and is chopped very fine rather than in mandolin strips). Hard to compare the PP sammos. Very different. Mad Michael's is smokier, with very little, if any sauce. Both have elements of traditional BBQ, both veer off to their owns beats. Both are tasty.

            Mad Michael's potato salad is in a league of its own. BBQ king's potato salad, though housemade like MM's, was ho hum. Which is putting it nicely. Would not waste the cals again. Ditto with cornbread. MM's is on another level. BBQ King’s version while interesting, but just does not compare.

            Ribs. Honestly, BBQ King's seemed like something you'd get at a chain, though apparently they are slow smoked. They were tough yet fell off the bone (ew), and no smoke anywhere at all found. Smoke rings? Yeah right. And if there was a rub, it was weak. MM's ribs are, IMO, ok. Only had them once, and while I know lots of other folks like them, I was not superthrilled by them. They certainly have a smoke profile, but to me Buster Rhino currently has the clamp on ribs in Ontario. MM's don't compare. BBQ King's should not be mentioned in the same breath. That said, I must say, I prefer BBQ King’s PP sammo to Buster Rhino's. Even though BR's is smoked not a huge fan. I’d still rather eat BBQ King’s or MM’s for pulled pork.

            Anyhoo, not sure I'd drive all the way to Thornbury from afar for BBQ King's PP. But if you are in the area, absolutely go. MM is a special place. You should check it out, if only for the surroundings and smokehouse tour alone. It's a scene, man. Especially on the patio on a sunny day.

            Hopefully this was remotely useful. So hard to compare BBQ. At least people are starting to try. Which I love.

            The pics: the sammo with colourful slaw is BBQ King's, the other two pics are MM.