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Jul 6, 2009 03:05 AM

Korean Fried Chicken in London

Hi - am interested if anyone know of any Korean Fried Chicken places in London similar to the type you get in New York. See link below for the type of place that I mean:


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  1. I wish....
    if there was i'd be there in a shot... anything in New Malden?

    1. Looks like a variant of gan pong ki (phonetic translation, unlikely to be 100% identical in all places), a dry fried chicken with a soy garlic sauce that's typical in Korean-Chinese places.

      Ate at You Me in New Malden with a couple of hounds a while ago and admittedly we weren't particularly impressed with the Korean-Korean items, but the menu had a whole bunch of Chinese-Korean stuff, which we didn't try, so that might be a place to start exploring (rather than a sure bet).

      Woojink on Tottenham Court Road didn't particularly impress with the bindaeddok (mung bean pancake) or dolsot bibimbap (variety of vegetables and meat with rice in a hot stone pot), but again there was a number of Korean-Chinese items on their menu. Which made me wonder if I wasn't playing to their strengths in a more specialised version of Korean cusine or if the general execution was just so-so.

      Will be especially grateful if other hounds can chime in on more of the Korean-Chinese aspects of these menus or at other places.

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        I've heard of Korean/Chinese but the other day a friend from California sent me a website showing a very popular Korean/Mexican chain. It was unusual to say the least.

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          There are some taco trucks in LA that use Kimchi as one of their condiments. NYT did an article on them, and I'm sure a quick google search will turn it up.
          In general, in Korea anyways, the Korean-Chinese places specialize in specific dishes and don't do the "usual" Korean restaurant stuff (and by "usual", I mean the generic stuff you see in a Korean restaurant outside of Korea). That might be one reason why the place on TCR didn't impress you. Though I do think of dolsot bibimbap as the safety choice--the one thing restaurants can't possibly mess up, because there isn't much to--and so it's kind of strange to hear that it wasn't good. If it's a Korean Chinese place, might be a better idea to stick with korean chinese classics--jjajiangmyun (, jjambbong (, etc.
          On the topic of chicken dishes--it's been a while since I've had chicken (am fake vegetarian, eating fish but lactose intolerant), but as far as Korean dishes go, sam-gye-tang ( had been my favorite. It's kind of like hainanese chicken rice, except the rice is cooked inside the chicken and there's soup and ginseng and other goodies involved. Last time I had it was summer about eight years ago, when my family went on vacation to the mountains up East and stayed in a farmer's extra room. The wife killed the chicken right before us, which was a shock then to this city girl, and I think I had put on some feeble affectations to my parents about not killing animals, which was reined in by hunger and appetite when the soup came around. I can't say I don't miss it on this cold, wet London night.
          I can't comment specifically though, because I haven't been to any Korean restaurants in London...