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Jul 6, 2009 12:51 AM

10 Best Things to Eat in San Diego

Stole this idea from the Texas board, who stole it from someone else, who.....

Not 10 best places-just the 10 best individual things to eat.

What and where are they?

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  1. Chutoro, Kaito
    Albacore Tataki, Sakura
    Baba Ghannouj wrap, Mama's Bakery
    Barbacoa de Chivo, El Comal
    Dry-cooked Fish, Ba Ren
    Vanilla ice cream, Oasis Ice Cream Parlor
    Artichoke pizza, Pizzeria Luigi
    Mysore Masala Dosa, Surati Farsan Mart
    Lamb rib tacos, Aqui es Texcoco
    Tacos Al Pastor, El Paisa

    1. Lobster Burrito, Bahia Don Bravo
      Raspberry Mojito, JRDN
      Bowl o' Mussels, George's Bar
      Coconut Shortcake with Caramel Sauce, A.R. Valentien
      fresh OJ, my backyard
      Free Grilled onions and jalapenos, from brazier outside La Fachada
      Fish sandwich (with avocado), El Pescador
      Gelati, Papalecco's
      Chorizo pizza, Blind Lady Ale House
      Anything, anywhere from Chino or Crow's Pass Farms

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      1. re: pickypicky

        Carnitas Burrito, Cocina de Maria
        Shio Cha Shu Ramen, Santouka
        Pork Okonomiyaki, Tajima
        Firecracker Truffle, Chuao Chocolates
        Chicken Karaage, Sakura
        Pho with Flank Steak and Tendon, Pho Cow Cali (formerly Pho Hoa Cali)
        Machaca Burrito, Aliberto's (in Poway)
        Maine Lobster and Dungeness Crab Salad, Nine Ten
        Five Hour Braised Short Ribs, Cavaillon
        Tie: any item at Shirahama/hubby's mesquite grilled rib eye steak with rice and kim chee

      2. Anticuchos, Latin Chef
        Mussel Bisque, Dobson's
        Cha Gio, Phuong Trang
        Scallop Sandwich (I ask to add lettuce and tomato), Point Loma Seafoods
        Bare Lil Lamb (blue cheese-lamburger), Bare Back Grill
        Smoked Fish Salad, Bay Bark Fish Co.
        Vuelve a la Vida, La Playita
        Aji Sashimi, Izakaya Sakura
        Fish Flavored Eggplant, Ba Ren
        California Gold Uni, Catalina Offshore Products

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        1. re: Captain Jack

          Sab E Lee- Chicken fried rice with sweet and sour sace, Spicy Mint Leaf Noodles
          Asti- Home made parpadelle with vodka cream sauce
          Gourmet Bagger- BLT
          Cafe on Park-buttermilk pancakes
          Claim Jumper- Mud pie with mint chip ice cream, ribs and fries
          De Medici- Penne Arribiata
          Boudin- Turkey Cranberry Sandwhich
          Yogurt Express- Chocolate yogurt and cookies n cream
          Phuong Trang- spring rolls with pork
          Luigi's- Cheese Pizza

          1. re: lovesfood11

            I like how you put the mud pie before the ribs at Claim Jumper.

            1. re: sd4life

              hell ya i like 2 do dessert first and if theres room left then ill get the ribs haha

        2. I might not make the whole 10....but i'll start with a few...

          4.0 Deli - Grilled Rivas sandwhich (close second is the Godfather)
          Sammy's Woodfired pizza- Duck Tacos
          Roberto's (any one really)- Carnita's California burrito, add rice and enchilada sauce (yes inside)
          Blue Water Seafood- Buffalo Sandwich (Red Snapper with a chipotle marinade and Blue Cheese)
          Point Loma Seafood- Oysters on the half
          Lou and Mickey's- Bone in Filet
          Lamont St Grill- anything with the Jalepeno Cream Sauce (except the Seared tuna, which tends not to be seared/is overcooked)

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          1. fresh beignets w/ strawberry jam at Cavaillon
            Double Happiness bowl at Coffee Cup Cafe
            pomme frites w/ trio of dipping sauces at Cafe Chloe
            omakase at Kaito
            gobo root and mizuna salad at Otan
            cherry cherry baby mini lattice pie from Elizabethan Desserts
            mashed potato tacos at Mama Testa's
            mint leaves with beef and noodles from Sab E Lee
            dry potato curry from Surati Farsan Mart
            stir-fried ong choy w/ garlic (straight out of the wok) at Dumpling Inn
            #11 half baked chocolate cake from Nine-Ten

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            1. re: daantaat

              Just noticed you also mentioned ED's mini cherry lattice pie! Aren't they amazing? I probably also should have voted for the Omakase at Kaito, but limited myself to specific, individual dishes, hence KS's Anago... Will have to try Okan's Gobo salad - ordered too many things the last time to fit it all in!

              1. re: cgfan

                oh, yeah, ED's cherry pie and all her other pies and buckles are SOOO yummy! I need to get in there soon, before cherry and berry season is over again!

                I put omakase on Kaito b/c I couldn't limit myself to one of his dishes--they're all too good!

                Definitely try Okan's Gobo root and mizuna salad! I dreamt about it after the first time I had it!