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Jul 5, 2009 11:06 PM

Seafood Dinner in Calgary

Can someone recommend a good seafood restaurant in Calgary please?

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  1. I would say Catch (they have both an oyster bar downstairs and a formal dining room upstairs) or Big Fish. Catch has their seafood flown in regularly. Big Fish has a good deal for oysters on Mondays ($30 for 2 dozen). I've been to Big Fish often for their Oyster nights. They are really fresh and tasty and they have a good selection (usually 3 choices from the east coast and 3 from the west).

    1. +1 for Catch. Does it have to be a seafood only restaurant or can it be a place that serves a few seafood dishes?

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        A few seafood dishes will work just fine...

        1. re: peachesandherbs

          Pretty much every good resto in Calgary has good seafood these days. In that spirit I heartily recommend Chef's Table, which devotes, typically, half its menu to seafood mains. What Theo does with octopus is diviiiiiiiiine.

      2. Parker house would be another good option, but as John says, most mid/high end restos in town will have good seafood options on the menu.

        1. If you want something on the cheaper end, I would recommend the Pelican Pier. The fish and chips are to die for! On the upper end, I would recommend Catch.